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October 25, 2012

Preparing For A Career In Science Or Engineering

It was once every parents dream that their child grow up to be a doctor or a lawyer. But with rising costs of medical and law schools, and a shrinking job outlook in many markets – particularly for attorneys – parents are looking to the exploding industries centered around the sciences and engineering.

Unsurprisingly, there has been a surge of students seeking acceptance into science and engineering programs at colleges and universities around the world. Often times, however, students are arriving on campus only to discover that their preparation before college was inadequate.

While it is easy to turn a critical eye to the nation’s education system and pontificate on how they are failing our children, I believe it is important to realize that there are simple things that parents, educators and students themselves can be doing to get ready for the rigors of college science and engineering programs.

In response to the increased interest in these fields we at redOrbit have created a new blog, aptly titled How to Become a Scientist, where we will explore the skills needed to achieve success in college programs and, later, in scientific careers.

Some of the items that will be discussed will seem rather obvious, like the importance of honing skills in mathematics and problem solving. Others will perhaps seem at odds with what we usually associate with science, like the need for creativity and strong communication skills.

And in addition to simply giving you abstract advice, I’ll even throw in some actual activities and lessons that you – or your children – can do at home to begin laying the foundation for success.

So if you are interested in learning more about careers in science, and how to begin preparing now, check back with this blog for all the latest information.

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