February 7, 2013

PS3 Skyrim Players: Your DLC Is Coming

If I owned a PS3, I’d be pissed. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, because you know I’m not a console fan boy.

I’ve played Skyrim for “X” amount of hours. Have you noticed that a majority of Elder Scrolls fans always manage to include that template in a conversation? These nerds are the fabric of Bethesda’s fan base. Bethesda just so happens to pay lots of love and respect to that fan base as well, with extensive work in detail and DirectX deliciousness.

However, the PS3 gamers have not been getting much attention despite three DLC packs already being released for Xbox 360. Yes, I know, Xbox 360 has an exclusive “We get it first pass” worked out with Bethesda. That’s all well and good, but I’m talking about the fact these boys haven’t even touched Dawnguard yet.

Can you believe that?

Exactly how long does it take develop a cross platform game on time, right? Gotcha!!! Actually the difference in hardware and software coding between both consoles is so vast Bethesda actually blames Sony for building a machine that is so different.

But that doesn’t mean Sony does not care. They pride themselves on hardware that is physically different than their rival, mostly because the difference is what justifies the PS3 as a different console. This isn’t such a big headed statement to make, seeing as Apple pulled off the same technological move with their Macintosh computer some thirty years ago.

The technical difference between Mac and PC defines the software difference between each machine so much certain software isn’t even developed for either. To the consumers, that’s a serious down side. But to the manufacturers, it can be a heavenly thing.

The PS3, for example, has third party developers who make games exclusively for that platform. The Xbox 360 also has their fair share of developers. But for the PS3, there is a select style of coding that is unique. Some say it is far too unique to be regarded as a good thing.

Developing God of War for Playstation is simple enough even if they had to port the code to the Vita. Porting the code to the Xbox would be a technical feat that is demanding of time and patience. They can’t just simply copy code because the syntax of console commands would be disastrous.

It’s a socially accepted fact the PS3 is harder to develop games for than Xbox. The external proof of this is in the predicament Bethesda has been in for the past five months. They’ve tried to optimize Skyrim DLC for PS3, and have met one technical failure after another.

Luckily, Bethesda has announced the DLC’s coding has been conquered and is heading to the platform this month. No information has been obtained on how much the DLC will be for them. It wouldn’t be a horrible idea for them to offer some discount pricing to make up for the months the PS3s loyal gamers have been denied play time.

It’s not difficult to understand how frustrating this situation must have been for PS3 gamers. Not being given the same experience as everyone else on account of simply owning a different machine? It’s bogus.

If you’re not dramatic and haven’t sold your copy of Skyrim, you’ll be happy to know the DLC issues have been fixed and are on their way to the Sony store very soon.

I’d love to hear what you think about Bethesda finally getting with the program in the comments below!

Image Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

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