PS4 Can Record Last 15 Minutes Of Gameplay
July 28, 2013

PS4 Can Record Last 15 Minutes Of Gameplay

The upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 video game console will have the ability to record “several” minutes of gameplay, which will be cached much like TV content on a DRV. Sony confirmed that the exact amount of time will be 15 minutes, CVG confirmed this week.

The confusion arose over the time as “several” minutes was reported as “seven” minutes by some media outlets, but Sony confirmed it is, in fact, a quarter of an hour. The content is buffered locally and brought up by using the DualShock 4’s Share Button.

Microsoft will also be introducing a similar feature with its upcoming Xbox One console, but in this case it will just five minutes of footage that is continuing buffered to the hard drive.

The question, of course, is why would someone, anyone for that matter, actually want to record this footage?

Well, there are two uses that come to mind very quickly.

The first is all gamers have those “I can’t believe I did this and no one will ever believe me” moments. With the save options, these can actually be shared online, and even streamed to social media. Yes, we’ve actually reached that point in the decline (and eventual fall) of Western Civilization where people think accomplishments in video games are worth sharing with the world.

Seriously, this is actually an impressive option for those truly impressive moments. Yes, it will likely be over used and probably be really annoying, but it is cool that this is being cached directly to the system.

The other reason is, frankly, to catch people who are cheating or otherwise exploiting a game’s mechanics. And yes, we’ve actually reached that point in the decline (and sadly inevitable fall) of Western Civilization where people work really hard to cheat and make use of glitches in a video game and ruin it for the rest of us.

There are already game capture programs, and in the highly competitive online games such as Battlefield and Call of Duty, it isn’t uncommon to actually hear stories of people recording matches to catch and expose cheats and hackers.

So, it is good to know that these features will be built in.

There is also a final use for this ability to cache moments, and that is for the mashup community, which could take in-game moments and craft them into something. Yes again, we’ve reached that point in the history of Western Civilization where gameplay begins to resemble art (or at least have artistic moments) and this can allow individuals to craft interesting tales together with footage that can be shared.

With the Xbox One, this could also tie in with the Kinect camera, add voiceover with the microphone and potentially do game recaps as well.

Some of it will truly not be great art, and some of it might be nonsense, but this should also open the door for an expression of creativity and to that end it could be very interesting to see what the users accomplish.

For some it might mean 15 minutes of fame… or even more.

Image Credit: Joshua Minso / Shutterstock

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