PS4 Prototype Controller Revealed
February 18, 2013

PS4 Prototype Controller Revealed

Next-Gen rumors are spreading like a bad case of Bieber Fever.

In the latest news of the gaming world, a prototype of the PS4’s controller has surfaced. Amid the first few days of rumor spreading, I decided to keep quiet and wait for an official word on the reveal. This new report from a trusted source of IGN has Playstation fans going rabid with excitement as the populace awaits the February 20th reveal of whatever Sony has cooked up.

Of course the rush of news and reports we’ve received in the past few months raise an eyebrow as to whether this is all some big coincidence or if Sony truly has a next generation console up their sleeves.

This controller is comparatively bigger than the current PS3 controller and has a few features that are worthy of some pondering. Firstly, the most noticeable feature of this controller is the highlighted strip along the front that resembles the same color and design of the Playstation Move, a new innovation by Sony that was implemented for the Playstation 3 years ago to combat Microsoft’s Kinect technology. This indicates that the PS4 controller will harbor built in Move technology for the convenience of not having to spend more money on separate hardware.

Secondly, the controller has a large touch screen pad built on its top that points to the possibility of a touching interface that could be integrated into the operating system or for gaming. This seems very awkward since the controller itself is already providing us an input for control. What would be the use of a touch screen when we already have directional buttons and thumb sticks? I suppose the touch screen might be more of a gimmick for visual pleasure than an innovation for physical control.

Other noticeable innovations of this new controller show a headphone jack at the back, as well as larger triggers for more heavy handed gamers. What’s more of a negative on this photo is that it’s wired, and Playstation hasn’t showcased wired controllers for their newest consoles since the days of Playstation 2.

Of course, this reveal is just a prototype, and hasn’t been confirmed by Sony itself. Instead, they’ve said that they can’t comment on speculation and rumors, blah, blah, blah. We’ve heard these comments before by Rockstar. What we can be sure of, however, is that they haven’t exactly said that its fake, and likely someone at Sony will be losing their job very soon.

This reveal is the first physical implication of proof that we’ve heard regarding the possibilities of a next generation console.

As most of you know, this console generation is in its eighth year, the longest of any, and is long overdue for a reboot.

The rumor wagon is only going to get more intense from here until Sony finally opens their mouths on the 20th. Until then, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the rumored prototype of Sony’s PS4 controller.

Image Credit: Destructoid

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