December 10, 2012

PSY It Ain’t So: The Controversy

Oh my god! Did you hear the news about PSY the guy who sings “Oppa Gangnam Style”? My reply was, “No, why, what happened?” My friend said, “Psy wants American soldiers to die!”

I thought this was a prank until I did a Google search, and found that essentially every news agency is reporting on his apology.

I couldn’t believe he said this why would he say such a thing? He is very famous now, and ridiculously popular in the United States. And didn’t he do a show for the American military?

When did he say this, I wondered; was he drunk on a weekend or something? The truth of the matter is he was very sober, and he didn’t just say it to people. He sang it at a concert. When was this concert? Why didn’t we hear about this sooner? The truth of the matter is it happened 8 YEARS ago, and he performed with two other singers.

My challenge to you, dear readers, is who are the other two singers? Shouldn’t they apologize as well? We are complaining about what PSY did eight years ago, before he was famous in America. Eight years ago a lot of people were singing, drawing, or writing about how much they hated Americans. A lot of people internationally still do not like Americans, but we are focusing on how PSY said it eight years ago. How do people forget that internationally we were essentially hated worldwide eight years ago? PSY’s comment also came after tragedies had befallen Koreans at the hands of the American military.

Korea was a much different place 10 years ago; people just hated Americans at that time. A Gallup poll showed that 75% of Koreans in their 20’s did not like or hated the American military, followed by sixty-seven percent in their 30s, along with half of those in their 40s, told Gallup they either “did not like” or “hated” the United States.

“Few living on the peninsula at that time [2002] were immune to the movement. Businesses around the country banned Americans (and by association, Westerners) from entering, US flags were laid on the ground at university campuses allowing students to walk on them en route to class, and graphic banners of Shim Mi-son and Shin Hyo-sun were erected at rallies, as the American military came under increasingly heated scrutiny for what was ubiquitously viewed as an unfair and unjustified handling of their deaths.

[In 2004] massive protests erupted across South Korea with thousands rallying against Muslim extremists, as well as Seoul’s plans to send troops to Iraq. And while most of the peninsula’s fury was directed towards terrorists in Iraq as well as Korean government policy, some anti-US military protesters seized the moment to put forth their cause.”

The question we need to ask ourselves is why did they hate us? Why would one of the most famous pop stars in the world say such terrible things?

It is really a sad story, and worse still is that it is a two-parter. The first reason many Koreans started to hate Americans is because they accidentally ran over and killed two middle school girls, Shim Mi-son and Shin Hyo-sun.

Let me sum up the sad story for you. These two girls were only 13 years old, on their way to celebrate a friend’s birthday party, when they were ran over by an American armored vehicle. They were killed needlessly because the American military did not follow the military’s safety protocols. Sadly, they were killed in front of the restaurant they were supposed to meet their friend at, and the mother of the friend stepped out to see what all of the commotion was about. That’s when they found out why her friends were late. Her friends were never going to make it to the birthday party; her friends would never celebrate another birthday party either.

You can find the whole story here. If you can read this full thing like I did and not tear up, you have a heart that is colder than mine.

Follow that up two years later in 2004 when an Islamist terrorist group decapitated a South Korean missionary. They did this because South Korea planned to send 3,000 troops to Iraq in support of the American military. The South Korean government refused to negotiate with terrorists and it cost a South Korean his life.

The South Korean people were angry; they hated the Americans. This event only fueled the hate and anger that they were still feeling from the deaths of the two little girls.

PSY has apologized and I for one accept it. I think he, as an artist, was speaking from an emotional stand point, and he no longer feels that way.

The Bad: Tragedy, broken lives, and broken hearts

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