Ragnarok: The Next Apocalypse
February 23, 2014

Ragnarok: The Next Apocalypse

If you’re an adult, then you will probably remember the Y2K scare and the end of the world prediction for December 21, 2012. Obviously, they didn’t come to pass.

In light of that, here we go again with another end of the world apocalypse. This time it is from Norse mythology and is called Ragnarok.

According to the Daily Mail, Ragnarok was suppose to begin on Saturday, February 22, 2012.

In Norse mythology, Ragnarok is the last battle between Viking Gods and their enemies. The Earth will split open, the wolf Fenrir will break from his captivity, Jormungand the snake will rise from the sea and the great dragon from the underworld will appear on the Earth. Then the heroes will descend from heaven to fight them.

Ragnarok legend tells us that a horn will sound, calling the god Odin’s sons, along with other heroes. Fenrir will kill Odin and other gods including Thor, Tyr, Freyr, Heimdallr and Loki will also die in the battle.

It will begin with what is called the “winter of winters,” where there will be three continuous winter seasons with no summer between them. At the end of the third winter, fighting and wars will break out all over the world and all morality will vanish.

Skoll the wolf and his brother Hati will devour the sun and moon. Stars will then fall from the sky and earthquakes will rattle the ground. Jormungand will cause the oceans to pound the land with waves and the serpent will cover the land with poisonous venom.

Flooding will release the ship Naglfar captained by the vengeful giant Hrym. It will sail into the battle with Hrym unleashing his wrath on humanity. Another ship with Loki and the inhabitants of Hel aboard, will arrive at the battle.

The fire giants from Muspelhelm will tear apart the sky leaving a wall of flame it their path. The rainbow bridge will crack and fall after they cross, releasing Garm the hellhound who will join the fire giants.

All of the evilness will ascend on Vigrid, Heimdall will blow the horn and all of the gods will ride toward Vigrid for the final battle.

Odin will fight the wolf Fenrir and Thor will fight the serpent. Freyr battles the fire giant and dies first. Tyr kills Garm but also dies from his wounds. Heimdall and Loki battle and kill each other. Thor will kill the serpent but shortly after will die himself from the venom that was spewed on him in the fight. Odin will not defeat Fenrir and is eaten by the wolf. Odin’s son will attack Fenrir, stepping on the wolf’s lower jaw and ripping apart its throat by the wolf’s top jaw.

The Earth will burn then sink into the sea. When it is all over only two humans will survive, and the remaining gods will restore the Earth to where peace and tranquility will reign.

If you have read this then evidently, it didn’t happen. Or maybe it has begun, and it is just the beginning of the Earth’s demise. Either way, I hope you enjoyed.

Join me next time for another interesting journey into the realm of Supernatural Endeavors.

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