Record Reactions: The Black Dahlia Murder - Everblack (Part 1)
June 17, 2013

Record Reactions: The Black Dahlia Murder – Everblack (Part 1)

Recently, The Black Dahlia Murder, a death metal band, came out with their sixth album since they first signed with Metal Blade Records in 2001. Their newest album title, Everblack, was inspired by the idea that they want to tell their fans that they will always be the same Black Dahlia Murder their fans have grown to love and cherish over the years, despite the rumor of two of their members departing.

The album starts with the song In Hell is Where She Waits ForMe. With a minute long introduction, the song is a little over five minutes long. The song starts off with the soothing sound of rain, and then it eases into an amazing guitar intro as Trevor, the lead singer, starts to recite Psalm 23. As soon as he is done there is a 4 beat measure and the lyrical part of the song begins. In Hell is Where She Waits For Me is a song about a girl’s funeral. As he watches her be buried and the destroyed crowd weeping around her, the recital of the psalm becomes relative because he starts to say “I watch the bitter tears slalom down grief stricken faces for a moments time I feel I am the god of which they speak.” I think this song plays a lot in to the irony of how people are mourning and talking about God when he didn’t do anything to stop her death.

The second song is Goat of Departure a genius song themed around the cruelty of animal sacrifices. This song in my opinion is written in the point of view of the goat himself. The goat feels as a ‘scapegoat’ for all of the peoples sins and gets denied the right to live because of people placing their sins on him. The song can also be interpreted as a form of mutiny against religion and its established hierarchy of power to get rid of the burden of being the scapegoat.

The third song in the album Everblack is the first single the Black Dahlia Murder released from this album. The song is title Into the Everblack. The song is basically about the final seconds where your time on earth has expired from either of old age or murder. The theory behind Into the Everblack is that the prayers are pointless and regardless everyone is going into the deep pits of darkness. I think that The Black Dahlia Murder made an excellent choice by releasing this as the promotional track to Everblack. It is a simple yet wonderfully written song that is easy to get into without leaving the essence of what the Black Dahlia Murder stands for.

Image Credit: The Black Dahlia Murder

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