Record Reactions: The Black Dahlia Murder - Everblack (Part 1)
June 19, 2013

Record Reactions: The Black Dahlia Murder – Everblack (Part 2)

Be sure to read Part 1

The Black Mahlia Murder has a released new album called Everblack. The album continues to prove to the fans that the band continues to stay true to its death metal nature.

Following the songs In Hell is Where She Waits For me, Goat of Departure and Into The Everblack, the song Raped By Hatred With Vines of Thrones is up next. I will admit this is one of the songs that were a little hard to comprehend, but I after a few times listening to it over and over again, it made plenty of sense. The song is literally about a pregnant girl, running in a haunted forest, that trips and falls. As she collapses to the floor of this fog infested forest, demonic vines full of thorns, start raping her and ripping her apart. As they rip into her, they also rip into her now dead unborn child in her womb. As a story itself, it is pretty morbid; but my theory is that they wrote this song to represent life. The chick is every human, the vines represent the hardships that rip at people and break them down until there is nothing more than shreds, the new born represents the small pieces of hope that are still left after the daily wear, and tear people face. The song its self has a nice little flow and the repetition of the phrase Raped By Hatred With Vines of Thrones ties everything nicely together.

The song up next is called Phantom Limb Masturbation, a song with a peek into a loneliness filled childhood. The story of the song starts off with the person reminiscing about the times when they would lay in the middle of the train tracks waiting for the train to drive by on top of them and end their misery, or to simply amputate a limb. For some reason, this person sees being in a wheel chair or crutches as a liberation instead of a handicap. I think it has a lot to do with responsibility, because the more you can do the more responsibility you will have to face.

Song number six in the album Everblack is called Control. This song speaks directly along the lines of its title. The guy in the song has realized he has reached the end of the rope when it comes to control. He has realized he is beyond obsessed with it, but instead of letting go and backing off, he tries to push further and further for it. He feels caged within his own body, but has known nothing else, so he tries to bring people into his obsession

That covers half of the album released by The Black Dahlia Murder from my point of view. The following songs I will dissect in my next blog.

Image Credit: The Black Dahlia Murder

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