Record Reactions: The Black Dahlia Murder - Everblack (Part 1)
June 22, 2013

Record Reactions: The Black Dahlia Murder – Everblack (Part 3)

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The Black Dahlia Murder has released an amazing new album called Everblack. The main goal of this album was to reinforce to their very loyal fans that even after the rumors of two band members leaving, they are still the same Black Dahlia Murder that they have always loved and cherished over the thirteen years that they have been in the musical business.

The seventh song in this album is a song called Blood Mine. This song is about a breed of humans that are kept in the dark, not allowed to speak out, raised as stock, as a meal to the horrible creatures around them. They are raised in the dark with their mouths sewn shut and their eyes gauged out, waiting for their masters to come and end their misery. But at times, the strong ones are kept alive to suffer as they are slowly drained of their blood in agonizing pain. I think this song displays a nice little metaphor between the current generation and the things happening around them. We live in such a laissez-faire society right now that people become slaves to the life style others have chosen for them. Some people do try to make a difference in society; however, there are those that constantly complain and yet do nothing to change their situation. In a sense, that is the same as being speechless and eyeless.

Song number eight in this album is called Every Rope a Noose. I find this song extremely interesting. Not only does it sound wonderful music wise, but the lyrics are quite extraordinary, as well. The song talks about suicide. But it takes an interesting twist. It starts off with describing what a rope and knife are used for, then goes into what they end up doing and what you would feel if you were to actually go through the suicide. Then the song turns into a bit of a warning, reminding the listener that suicide doesn’t solve anything, it just makes you “dead and cold frozen stiff”.

Their beloved absentee, the ninth song of this album, is cleverly written, as if the singer was God himself. By doing so, they manage to bring across the message that if said god were to exist, as the majority of people believe, he would be one enormous paradox. For example, in most religions god is believed to be the bringer of life and death. The song writer loves playing with contradictions such as these throughout the song. He ends the song with the line “The monster I have made,” which I believe is a great ending to tie everything together

The final song in the album is called Map of Scars, an eerie song about twin sisters that share each other’s pain of being alone and nearly orphans, their father long gone and their mother never home with them. It is a strong song, written to warn people of the troubles of being alone and sad.

Over all, the album continues with The Black Dahlia Murders usual theme of dark and gloomy, and vengeful nature, as most of their songs have. I think they have produced one epic album that will definitely go down in the death metal history book

Here’s a link to their lyrics if you would like to check them out for yourself.

Image Credit: The Black Dahlia Murder

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