December 25, 2012

Redd Foxx: Is He Still Around?

“I’m coming Elizabeth” was made famous by John Elroy Sanford, aka Redd Foxx, during the TV series Sanford and Son that ran from January 14th, 1972 until March 25th, 1977. He would put his hand on his chest and stammer around the room faking a heart attack. From the time Foxx left Sanford and Son until the 1991 hit The royal Family, he had a few failing roles as an actor. On October 11th, 1991 while on a break from rehearsing the show, he grabbed a chair and fell to the floor clenching his chest. All the other actors and actresses thought he was doing his famous put on, but he wasn’t joking, it was an actual heart attack. Foxx was taken to the hospital and died that evening.

The location of Redd Foxx’s former home is, 5460 South Eastern, Las Vegas, Nevada. On November 28th, 1989, the IRS seized the home along with 7 vehicles, cash, and numerous other personal effects for back taxes. Jesse Garon, an Elvis impersonator, acquired the home, but after 6 months it was put back on the market. The next owner was an air conditioning company and now it is a real estate business. This is the location that Redd Foxx’s ghost is claimed to haunt.

Claims of Activity: 

While Jesse Garon lived at the property, light switches would turn on and off, doors would slam shut, there would be tapping on the walls, loud footsteps, and he and his uncle witnessed a sliding door open by itself. Garon had a psychic investigate the property and was told that Redd Foxx was still there. Garon said “I never believed that stuff before, we put it back on the market 6 months after we moved in.”

During the time that the air conditioning company owned the property, the staff claimed blinds would move, and they also witnessed the sliding door opening by itself. The owners replaced the sliding door with a hinged one thinking it would stop the occurrences, but that also would open by itself. It stopped when they installed a dead bolt on the door.

The current owner admits that strange things happen, computers turn on and off by themselves, or files mysteriously vanish, but isn’t quick to pass it off as paranormal. Like one day while she was typing all of the text turned red, but she thought that she might of hit a wrong key.

The property has been observed by several paranormal investigators, although the experiences have similarities each individuals account is different. Noises range from footsteps, knocks, whispers, and voices,  some have been caught on an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) monitor. Investigators have had their shirt sleeve pulled, legs, arms, and neck touched, claims of seeing dark figures standing in a room when no one else is around, and some even experiencing pain or increased heart beats.

One claim from a small group of investigators was while they were watching some video clips of Sanford and Son a bluish orb streaked across the room.

It is believed that Redd Foxx haunts this property because it was “so cruelly taken from him,” as said by Redd himself after he was evicted from his home.

Is Redd still roaming around the property playing pranks as some have stated, or is it just rumors, you be the judge.

Join me next time for another account of Supernatural Endeavors.


Image Credit: Public Domain

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