Reddit Gives Adorable Girl More Pizza Than She Knows What to Do With
July 18, 2013

Reddit Gives Adorable Girl More Pizza Than She Knows What to Do With

Every once in a while the human race is capable of doing some pretty great things. In a world full of war, frightening news headlines and general woe, it can sometimes be a rare treat to hear stories of people helping people.

This is one of those stories.

Two-year old Hazel Hammersley is a young cancer patient with stage three neuroblastoma, a rare form of solid cancer that is most often found in young children and infants. To pass the time and give little Hazel something fun to do during her days of treatment in the hospital, her parents would find “fun and silly things” to do with their daughter. One day her parents and nurses came up with a plan, spell out the words “Send Pizza RM 4112” with medical tape on the window in Hazel’s room. In an interview with Fox News, Hazel’s mother Lauren said she had heard of patients using similar signs many years ago.

Hazel had also previously tried to interact with passersby outside her window, but to no avail. Plus, Lauren thought the sign could brighten someone’s day, make them chuckle, what have you.

The sign remained in place for several days without any response, a result that Lauren says she completely expected.

“Then, on Saturday, it all changed,” writes Lauren in her blog that catalogs her daughter’s condition and treatment.

Lauren and her husband, Aaron, were at home spending time with their other children while Hazel’s grandfather watched her at the hospital.

“While at home, we began hearing news that several pizza’s were being delivered to the hospital.  After only a few short hours, we were told that someone had taken a picture on the street of our sign, had posted it to and it had reached #1!!  Then, someone ended up posting a link to our Blog, Facebook, and Donation Page, which then all went bananas!”

All told, there were more than 20 pizzas delivered, with toppings ranging from cheese to barbecue chicken. The Hammersleys threw a mini pizza party in Hazel’s room and invited the nurses on duty, other patients and their families.

And it was all provided by the kindness of strangers on the Internet.

As these things often go, the Hammersley’s have had to ask Redditors to stop sending pizzas, saying the hospital isn’t able to continue handling deliveries and requests from the media.

“But I ask the community to please continue supporting Hazel and other children like her through making donations to our funds or to Childhood Cancer Research,” says Lauren.

As of Monday, the Hammersleys have been able to return home with Hazel and rejoin their family. If all goes well during the week, they plan to return to the hospital next week to continue with another round of chemo treatment.

If this story isn’t enough to make you feel positive about the general condition of humanity, you should peruse some of the photos of Hazel with her Pizza. She’s all smiles, an ear-to-ear grin which could melt even this cynical writer’s heart.

If it weren’t for the hospital’s insistence of “NO MORE PIZZA,” I’d buy one for her.

Veggie, of course.

And for the love of all that’s holy, donate a few bucks to the Hammersleys through their donation page. Keep the good vibes going.

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