December 20, 2012

Redskins Still Strong: NFL 15 Results

The NFL season continues on and provides us with upsets.

Minnesota Vikings beat the St. Louis Rams 36-22

The Rams were favored by three points but couldn’t get the job done. The star of this game once again was Adrian Peterson who ran for 212 yards and a TD, he has 1,812 yards for the season.

Carolina Panthers beat the San Diego Chargers 31-7

The Chargers were favored by three points but they ended up getting annihilated by the Panthers. I know what it’s like being a Skins fan and having to deal with Norv Turner as a coach, and this game reminded me of how great it is that he’s not our head coach now. My heart goes out to the Chargers for having to deal with his ineptness as a coach, but I’m very grateful it’s their pain and not ours.

Arizona Cardinals beat the Detroit Lions 38-10

The Lions were favored by 6.5 points based on the lack of the ability for the Cardinals offense to score. But after four Lions turnovers, which included a 102 yard interception return, the Cardinals destroyed the Lions.

Dallas Cowgirls…I mean Cowboys beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-24

Steelers were favored by two points at the Cowboys home, and they ended up losing in OT. It was a sea-saw matchup but the interception by Brandon Carr setup the Cowboys for a victory with a field goal to end the game

San Francisco 49ers beat the New England Patriots 41-34

The Patriots were favored by 5.5 points and they were playing in their home town in the cold rain, but regardless of the odds being stacked in their favor, they couldn’t get the job done and four turnovers wouldn’t help matters.

More results

Denver Broncos beat the Baltimore Ravens 34-17

Washington Redskins beat the Cleveland Browns 38-21

With RG3 out with a sprained knee, backup QB Kirk Cousins would lead the Skins to their fifth straight victory, their longest winning streak since 2007, bringing the Skins to an overall record of 8-6. Cousins proved why he was chosen by the Skins with 329 passing yards; which included Santana Moss five times for 57 yards, and six times to Pierre Garcon for 65 yards.

Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears 21-13

Houston Texans beat the Indianapolis Colts 29-17

Miami Dolphins destroyed the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-3

New Orleans Saints obliterated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 41-0

The Atlanta Falcons humiliated the New York Giants 34-0

Oakland Raiders beat the Kansas City Chiefs 15-0

Tennessee Titans beat the New York Jets 14-10

I would hate to know what it feels like to be New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez today. I am a former professional athlete and I can relate to some bad games or performances, but this game set football back a century. Sanchez delivered a stunning five turnovers; four interceptions, three of which were in the last eight minutes of the game, and a fumble on a low snap. The fumble play came off of a gift given to the Jets when the Titans had a bad punt, this was the last nineteen seconds of the game and the only chance left for the Jets to continue to playoff contention. But the fumble would be the nail in their coffin for this season, along with the four interceptions; can’t forget those gems. At the end of the game Sanchez only completed fifty percent of passes. Really…really?

Hail Skins

Image Credit: Associated Press

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