Report: Don Mattrick Tried To Buy Zynga
July 14, 2013

Report: Don Mattrick Tried To Buy Zynga

Some of you might remember the name Don Mattrick for the past few years as the Vice President over at Microsoft Studios. More importantly, Mattrick has been the public relations guru for the Xbox One’s marketing and Q&A this entire year. Mattrick’s reveal of the Xbox One was nothing short of spectacular, but many question Mattrick’s motives behind sticking with a company that claimed to have the gamers’  best interest at heart. In reality, our reality at least, we’ve come to know Mattrick as a silver-tongued bigot that wouldn’t know a Microsoft Point from a scoreboard.

So, it didn’t help his image much when he’d announced that he was leaving Microsoft to work at Zynga, a social media gaming corporation geared towards providing players with the latest news and software updates for a product that promises to give us a closer relationship to our games. According to a report made by Forbes, Mattrick had his eyes on Zynga as far back as 2010.

As Forbes reports, Mattrick was planning on buying out Zynga but couldn’t secure good enough relations for a contract deal. Watching Mattrick’s transition to Zynga marks the defining success of his journey to aquire Zynga. His payroll is expected to reach over 50 million dollars annually at a base salary, with 25 of that of that coming as a restrained stock award vested for 3 years.

Don Mattrick is going to be rich out of his mind.

Zynga is a lot like in the sense that it is generally the Internet capital of free Flash games. Not only that, but the revenue generated from Zynga, with ads and subscription services, topples that of any other new and upcoming gaming site. As we watch Mattrick sailing away to his new ship with Zynga, we quietly reflect on his roles at Microsoft.

Will Mattrick be better off at Zynga?

That question remains to be seen, but Mattrick isn’t just anybody in the games industry. In fact, if he’d dipped his toes into game design in the same way that Peter Molyneux or Christ Taylor did, we might be seeing something entirely new from Mattrick as a businessman. But Mattrick looks to break barriers and strike revolutions wherever he may go.

Mattrick’s past plans with Zynga eliminate all reasoning and accusations of Microsoft’s failing to keep a tight relationship with gamers. Quite honestly, their 180 is the smartest move that they could’ve hoped to achieve in light of record breaking negative criticism to their recent Xbox One policy change.

Is Microsoft all alone now that Mattrick is jumping ship? I’m not entirely sure, but all possibilities point to a positive future for them.

What do you think of Don Mattrick’s departure?

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