December 30, 2012

Ring In The New Year With Android Apps

Planning for a successful New Year’s Eve can be accomplished with greater ease thanks to several free Android apps.

Whether your night involves dinner, dancing, mixing drinks or the important sober ride home, plenty of options are available for your favorite Android device.

All of the apps in this compilation are free in the Google Play store.

Times Square Ball Official App: For those not in the Eastern time zone, this app allows you to watch the coverage live from Times Square (provided you have a solid connection, of course).

It also has a pretty nice animation of the ball dropping at midnight, which you can “enjoy” anytime. It is rather loud, though, so don’t fire it up if you are enjoying a quiet dinner.

2013 New Year Countdown: One of the advantages of Android is live wallpapers. Show this live countdown to your iPhone-bragging friends who have had the same weather forecast for five years. For further customization, upgrade to the paid version for $0.99.

OpenTable: The first step to a great New Year’s Eve is having dinner reservations at a tasty restaurant. The most convenient way to assure a reservation is through OpenTable. It will find openings in nearby restaurants and quickly confirm a reservation. The service existed first as a web site and is even more useful as a mobile app.

Foursquare: If your plans are flexible, you may want to find out what is trending in popularity before settling on a venue. View your friends check-ins as a way to decide where it may be worth meeting up.

Foursquare had another year of strong growth, so it regularly provides a pulse of what is happening in a city.

Urbanspoon: Maybe you can’t decide where to eat at all. Eat you should, as it will be of benefit to have plenty of nourishment for counteracting all of those refreshing beverages.

Drinktini: Maybe it’s a house party for New Year’s Eve. If so, Drinktini will prove a useful tool for mixing up some excellent cocktails. Impress friends and the opposite sex

Flywheel (formerly Cabulous): There is a decent chance that after the night’s festivities you may need a ride home. Flywheel is one of the highest-rated apps in the Play store for tracking down a cab. Contact a driver, track their arrival and pay all from within the application.

Uber: For those who want a higher level of sophistication in their ride home, try out Uber. It is described as an “on-demand request tool for a private driver.” An individual driver will respond to your request and show up ready to take you home in your inebriated state.

Image Credit: Google Play

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