Rock Runners
March 3, 2013

Rock Runners

Are you in the mood for a new iPhone game? Of course you are. You probably took a break from playing one to read this article. Hey, I don’t blame you buddy. They’re fun, they’re addictive and they’re time wasting. Everyone’s played all increments of Angry Birds by now and ran a marathon in Temple Run at this point.

It’s time to stir things up.

I introduce to you Rock Runners.

What is this? How does it play? What does it look like? Is it already available?

Hold on buddy! You certainly have a ton of questions, don’t you?

Well, Rock Runners is side-scrolling running man style game that brings a little something new to the table. Chillingo, which is the publisher for the title, brings players a new way of looking at the tried and true, Super Mario Brothers style of gameplay. The players will be able to traverse through various stages, but instead of hopping from one platform to the next, players will have to decide how to use the numerous portals to get to the following objectives that lie ahead.

Alongside the portals, there will be various objects that allow the gamer to shoot a light saber lasso mash-up device and swing from one place to the next or multiple places that may lead to secret areas and treasures. As for the game’s aesthetics, simply put, the game is gorgeous. It was to be expected that to catch the consumer’s eye you obviously need a great visual art style to accompany your product. Although the game is two dimensional, all of the visuals are three dimensional with a hint of cel shading.

All of these elements come together to make a truly unique product and looks to be madly addicting. What’s that?  This is a rip off of Super Mario Brothers? Of course it is, but when is the next time you will (legally) be able to play any Super Mario game from the comfort of your iOS-powered device? Exactly, so quit complaining.

The game boasts somewhere around 140 levels to give your screen tapping abilities a run for your money, so don’t worry about being ripped off for some small change. Each level seems to have a unique design and element, all the while keeping the whole space miner theme intact.

Did I also mention that the game art was gorgeous? No, I am not talking about the graphics and three dimensional models but the art that goes into the menus and loading screens. It may sound like a silly little detail, but they really standout with amazing digital paintings of the world of the Rock Runners. I really like the amount of effort put into the most minor details of the title, even if it is just another iPhone or iPad game.

This is a little app that will definitely keep you occupied in those moments you aren’t.

The game has been available since Valentine’s Day on the App Store for the unbeatable price of $0.99 (USD).

Image Credit: Chillingo

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