Rocks That Defy Laws of Physics!
June 25, 2013

Rocks That Defy Laws Of Physics!

There are several laws of physics out there at this point. There are simple ones and then there are more complex ones. There isn’t really one law that this rock is breaking, but more it goes against all ideas of what we think of when we squeeze something in our hand. Usually when you squeeze something, it gives and, in the case of a sponge, it become more compact and releases any liquid within it. Scientists have actually found a material that actually does the complete opposite.

The Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago have discovered a new material that, instead of becoming more compact and denser when pressure is applied, the material actually does the complete opposite. The material becomes less dense the more the material has pressure applied to it. They have spent years testing and retesting this new material and all their tests point to this one fact; the material literally redefines the laws of physics.

Most materials when they are squeezed, the bonds simply become stronger because the material is becoming more dense and compact. The mysterious part of this material is the fact that the bonds actually rearrange themselves as the pressure on the material changes. It’s like the material is able to detect the changes in the atmosphere and adapt, atomically, to the environment around it.

Although this new material may defy laws of physics, it is already being looked at by manufacturers to utilize in filtering material like water or other minerals. Like a sponge, this material contains pores and allows certain material to path through it like a filter. Researchers are hoping to be able to use this new material in fields such as health, manufacturing, and maybe even the food market.

Because this material is so new, scientists are still looking at the limitations of it and how it will react to other materials. They are testing its ability to expand and contract, considering it has the exact opposite properties than that of normal materials. Scientists hope to be able to hold more objects as they are able to stretch it more than normal materials.

This material isn’t going to just help manufacturers though. This new material will definitely rewrite some physics and chemistry books. It has always been taught that materials only become more dense as they are compacted into a tighter space. This new material as able to stay dense as it is stretched, which makes it very useful in many ways. It is said that the things we learn in school today, will become out of date or will no longer apply in two years. This is a great example of this as we continue to explore the world and the materials within it.

Physics will always be an open world for people to explore. It is the physicists that are passionate about finding how the laws of nature work and how to apply them to the real world. It’s times like these, where new materials are found, that they will have to go back to the drawing board and figure out a new law of physics to incorporate this new idea.

Image Credit: DOE / Argonne National Laboratory

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