February 1, 2013

Rockstar Considers The Idea Of A Sci-Fi GTA

Rockstar, developers of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, have been asked if they would consider an open world adventure set in a Sci-Fi setting. The answer may surprise you.

The studio is known for its highly controversial, open-world crime-based adventures. The Grand Theft Auto games have taken place across decades from the 70s to modern-day. They also made Red Dead Redemption, a game featuring a Wild Western setting. These games often include a lot of gunfights, car chases (or horse chases) and the slaughter of innocent civilians.  They are currently working on Grand Theft Auto V that takes place in modern-day L.A. The game is set to be released sometime this year.

French website Ecrans recently held an interview with Rockstar’s vice president and writer for Grand Theft Auto, Dan Houser, about their upcoming title. When asked if they would consider creating a Grand Theft Auto adventure set outside of the usual contemporary urban settings, the GTA writer replied “We will do it as soon as we have an idea… we aren’t interested in going into science fiction just to make flying cars and laser guns. The best science fictions are those that speak of human condition. So even though the idea is tempting and we can do what we want with a video game, we lack the essentials for the moment: a good reason.”

Well, how sentimental. A game development studio, whose fame is attributed to running over pedestrians and killing prostitutes, won’t create a science fiction game because they want to send a real message. As out-of-character as that may seem, it’s a respectable principle and I commend Rockstar for taking themselves seriously in that respect. I wish all game development studios held themselves to that high of a standard. (*cough**cough* Volition, Inc. *cough*)

But this does present us with something to look forward to. Rockstar is definitely considering creating a science fiction GTA. I mean, imagine a future-dystopian civilization with interplanetary travel and huge crime organizations. This brings forth all new possibilities. Next thing you know, we could be seeing lightsabers and ‘Star Wars’-styled space battles in our new Grand Theft Auto game. It’s definitely an interesting concept to think about, and the very idea of it makes me kind of excited. It also means if Rockstar does end up making one of these sci-fi GTA games, that it will definitely be a quality game and not just some side project they threw together in their free time.

I haven’t played very much Grand Theft Auto in my gaming career, nor have I really ever been that attracted to the series. But, after my recent experience with Sleeping Dogs and previous experience with Red Dead Redemption and other open-world games, I’m sure a sci-fi GTA would be a welcome addition to my gaming collection. In the meantime, I’m sure all you Rockstar fans out there will be dearly awaiting Grand Theft Auto V.

Do you think a science fiction Grand Theft Auto game would work? Leave a comment, tell me what you think!

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