December 8, 2012

Ryan Leslie Just got Leslied!!!

Alright, Alright, so its not the best one worded insult I can come up with. Who cares? It should be about the sizzle, right?
Deception is about the laughs. There are far too many instances of true statements for that observation to to be false. What is deception, anyway? Is it when you skip out on the tip after a $50+ meal at Red Lobster? Or when you fart in the middle of the school cafeteria and blame Mrs. Carenstine? Sure, she’s over weight and probably packing a few extra slices of strawberry pie from last night-but is that any reason to bring light to her shame?

She’s only human, you sicko.

For the common man, it shouldn’t be brand new to experience dishonesty in socioeconomic times. I haven’t seen people this afraid of the economy since The Great Depression! We should be quite used to liars and thieves at this point, if it were not for the merits of the judicial system. Somehow the law makes us forget that life isn’t necessarily about an obligation of truth-and we often get lost in that truth so that when we are deceived, we are taken by surprise.

But who thought that a celebrity would have the gall to swindle on his own promise of a deal?

Well, everybody really.

Ryan Leslie has been thrashed by a New York judge on a bad deal that he orchestrated – ordered to pay one million dollars to a Armin Augstein.

Leslie lost his music box, but its really a laptop, back in Germany of 2010. This music box, but I’m calling it a laptop, was full of very valuable high tech famous singer stuff. Music, ya know…cause its a music box-demo reels and top secret files he apparently didn’t want spilled to the public are among the the expected motives of his hastiness.

What are you hiding Mr. Leslie?

Leslie lost his chips and upped his reward to 1 million dollars! Quite a reward for such a small piece of technology. Well, Augstein was walking his dog one morning when he happened to notice a music – er uh,  laptop. I don’t know why such an important device belonging to a famous musician ended up laying on the side of someone’s dog walking path, but whatever.

You can put the pieces together from here – Augstein turns it into German police, and they notice the 1 million dollar bounty for it.

Get this though: Ryan didn’t wanna pay!

WUUUPPPSSS!!! Ryan refuses to pay his original deal of 1 million dollars and thinks he’s just going to walk away without staying true to his word. But putting out a reward is federal law, and Augstein decides to take this case to court. The verdict? Leslie’s been ordered to pay out what he promised.

I don’t know why celebrities think they have superior rights than the rest of the world. Is it the money? The women? The fast life? Fame and Fortune can be such a negative experience on the mind-here’s to hoping for the best in the rich and famous!

Image Credit Photos.com

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