Saints Row 4 Announced
March 19, 2013

Saints Row 4 Announced

Yes indeed, the fourth installment in the Saints Row franchise has been announced by new publisher Deep Silver, and continuing developer Volition. Much speculation arose over whether or not the Saints Row series would die alongside the former publisher THQ, and alas, our fears (and prayers) have been answered.

Saints Row took a turn for the better or worst depending on which side of the political spectrum you’re on. If you’re on the left, then you’re looking at a new vision for a metropolitan free roam series that has traditionally seen serious story narrative and emotionally gripping cut scenes. Much less is the outcome if you fi yourself on the opposite side of the spectrum, squawking at Volition’s somewhat questionable direction to take the series in.

Is this series for better or worse off than its previous two installments? The questioned remains to be answered in the distant future when we can look back on the success of the franchise, but many longtime fans are already scolding Volition for their recent endeavors with Saints Row: The Third. The Third, which released in October of 2011, decided to change the atmosphere of Saints Row as a strategy in this industry to combat recent fears that they might be edging too closely to the comparable Grand Theft Auto series. That comparability has been shattered by the inclusion of four foot purple dildos and Professor Genki mascots.

Sure, we can respect Volition for at least thinking at a time in the industry when many developing companies have sunk into a deep ocean of angry gamers and online pirates. This industry has taught us that we are no longer the innocent, fun loving, bubble hearted individuals that relished in countless games of Super Smash Bros. Instead, we’ve become monstrous loud mouths that, at the slightest instant, will shatter a game if it dares to deviate away from its original concepts. We’ve done it with Lost Planet 3, and we’ll damn sure do it with Saints Row 4.

So you could imagine (If you’re a fan of Saints Row) how ticked we were when we saw the announcement for the game. In the trailer, we saw the delayed expansion of The Dominatrix appear in the main gameplay. In fact, The Dominatrix was a majority of the shock factor that appeared in the trailer that raises an eyebrow to whether or not Saints Row 4 can at least live up to a high quality standard.

How exactly can you live up to that standard when you openly admitted to the public that you cancelled the expansion for Saints Row: The Third to present as a full package in the sequel? Their moves are questionable, especially when we observe the fact that they’ve only had one year and six months of development time to push this one out (Crackdown 2, anyone?), but let’s quell the worries right here.

Saints Row: The Third is catering to idiots. Why has the game that pushed so many amazing missions with Johnny Gat lowered its bar for quality and fidelity? The answer is simple; if new content (So to speak) presents itself in a game, the gamers will undoubtedly buy it.

The trailer looks atrocious in the spirit of improved visual and technical aspects. I was amazed at how shiny and improved Saints Row 3 looked to its predecessor, but in brute honesty, this looks like The Third with an expansion pack slapped on its face. This doesn’t surprise; the game is mostly comprised of its predecessor’s expansion.

I will only give Saints Row 4 credit for trying to release one last game before next generation consoles wipe the floor clean with a new development cycle. Likely, this move will ensure that they can squeeze a few million in sales out of the franchise before they need to actually do some formidable work.

You’re slipping Volition. You’re slipping hard.

Image Credit: Deep Silver / Volition

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