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November 4, 2012

Saints Row The Third Part 2

There is no point in beating around the bush on this one. This game is downright ridiculous, and I think that it is fabulous. I had high expectations diving in to this game due to the fact that I had just played Prototype 2, a game whose overall fantastic gameplay could only have been considered boring if it was being played blindfolded. It’s difficult to go back to merely aiming and shooting regular little humans when just the other day, I had the ability to pick up a building and throw it at a mutant Godzilla virus monster. But despite its fairly simplistic nature, Saints Row The Third’s combat is creative and addictively fun.

One must remember that in the world of Saints Row The Third, the word “creative” is in essence synonymous to the word “ridiculous,” but in this kind of a game, it works. Come to think of it, that statement could probably be proven true for the rest of the games in the Saints Row Series. There have been times where I have wondered who in their right mind was brought in to the developers’ offices to come up with the many insane ideas that went into the making of Saints Row The Third. I still have no idea, but one thing is for sure, and that is that this game would not be nearly as good as it is if not for the many crazy ideas it has to offer. I’ve stopped trying to understand the details of the plot since trying to follow it is slightly more difficult than trying to untangle fishing wire behind your back with nothing but your elbows. I have learned to expect the most unexpected, and have gotten into the habit of not dwelling on the logic of this game’s mission objectives.

In Saints Row the Third, one can go from calmly drinking coffee at the Saints headquarters penthouse, to being tied into a convertible while being forced to drive recklessly to please the wild and hungry tiger riding shotgun in the passenger seat. Later you might be told to hijack a futuristic hover jet, use it to blow up various military bases, then when your jet spontaneously combusts, skydive onto an island that has been entirely overrun by zombies. Why zombies, you ask? That’s because Saints Row the Third is a game dedicated to spreading the word about logic being completely and totally overrated. Besides, I am pretty sure that it is a sort of mandatory rule for one in every two or three games to have something to do with the unconditional slaughter of the already deceased.

But I am missing my own point. Saints Row the Third is about the Saints gang and their exploits in Steelport city. Whether it’s fighting against five different rival gangs at the same time or trying to take down the government’s anti-gang military force called S.T.A.G., the Saints do it all and are not about to start doing anything discreetly. The Saints are nothing if not bold and flashy, thus, the only use of a stealthy gun – i.e. sniper rifle – is to take out enemies who are too far away to use your super sonic rocket launcher extraordinaire. This game is silly beyond comparison to your average shooter game on the shelf, and whether you like that kind of thing or not should probably determine whether this is a game you should get. I can understand that this game can be viewed as stupid to some on account of it being completely ridiculous in every way shape and form, but I for one thoroughly enjoyed its nonsensical stupidity and look forward to shooting pedestrians out of the man-cannon strapped to the top of my pimped out minivan.

Image Credit: THQ Inc

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