Samsung Could Help Neurotic Homeowners Vacation In Peace
September 5, 2013

Samsung Could Help Neurotic Homeowners Vacation In Peace

Samsung is well on the way to adapting and developing most electronic devices and appliances within our home so that we will know what they are up to at any time of day or night, even if we are not in close proximity to them. Just like most parents would like to do with their teenagers, we will be able to keep track of them 24/7, to make sure they aren’t going to cause us any heartache or stress. Or fool around with that cocky kid from down the street. OK, maybe that’s just the kids.

The number of times I’ve tried the same door handle milliseconds apart before leaving my home should probably make me deserving of a diagnosis of some sort of disorder, even though I have never been diagnosed as such. But, then again, most of us do that sort of thing from time to time, don’t we?

Generally, that sort of behavior is insurance against later anxiety. There is no doubt in our minds, at the time, that the door is locked or the appliance is off, but we know that we will for some reason try and ruin our own fun later by worrying about it. I don’t know why, but I always worry more if I’m out doing something nice than I do if I’m at work. Some days at work, I probably hope that news of my house burning down will give me an excuse to go home early.

For those of us who do fret, help is at hand – led by Samsung. Tracking the status and behaviour of household appliances using our smart phones (mostly their own models, not unexpectedly, but that may change) is something that is already available with a lot of newer Samsung products. The stage of a washing machine or dryer’s cycle can be monitored, or the cycle can be begun remotely. Clever fridges (to mix it up from using the word ‘smart’) can tell us what’s going on inside, including if certain foods and drinks need topping up.

Most excitingly, the loose cannon, bad boy of the kitchen — the oven — can also be kept under observation. Not only can cooking processes be programmed from a distance, they can also be stopped. That means you will be able to know that the oven is off (as well as being able to leave it on and cook some roast pork, if you want to).

These developments are still in their early stages, really, and there are issues. The fact that some of the most cutting edge stuff is still only available in Korea, along with the fact that Wi-Fi is needed and the necessity of Samsung only products all along the line, means that things are not yet ideal for peace of mind wherever you may be. In fact, some of the technology only works within the same house.

But there is hope that such forward thinking ideas will develop into routine before long, and we will look back and laugh at the days when we used to have to worry about whether we left the oven on or not. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we can electronically check and change the status of our locks too. For those of us who aren’t neurotic maniacs, there is the happy thought we can come home to fresh smelling laundry and a perfectly cooked chicken… long as we can rely on our cell phones to safely and accurately tell us the truth (sorry!).

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