January 24, 2013

Samsung Fires Back At iPad With New Tablet

Everyone has an enemy, that’s just a fact of life. Since the minute you can begin to remember, there’s always been that one person that for some reason or another doesn’t like you. As much as this person may not like you and even hate you, the feeling is mutual. You wake up every day and you take a look at their picture and flush it down the toilet. What’s the reason for this? There’s always a reason and it’s usually because the both of you are equality strong, smart and talented. Every time you come achieve something great, they always find a way to top it.

Everyone has a rival from Batman and Joker, Popeye and Bluto or even a would-be sexual predator and a band of hippie, meddling kids with a talking dog.

So why should business be any different?

Here we have Samsung and Apple. Ah yes, these two have been slapping each other silly for the past few years now.

Admittedly, Apple has delivered a few haymakers in the forms of the iPhone and iPad collections, not to mention the iPad Mini. Like a champ, Samsung has recovered and fired a few shots back in the forms of the Galaxy series of devices; the S and Note. As mentioned before, Apple introduced the iPad Mini to the pubic late last year. As expected, after the unveiling, many reviewers saw the Mini nearly killing off the Amazon Kindle and carving out its own subsection in the tablet market. That was a pretty staggering blow to the whole industry, but guess who took it the worst? You guessed it: Samsung.

Well, the tech giant stood back up boldly after taking its lumps and is now ready to fire another salvo. This comes in the form of a new 8-inch tablet with a 5-megapixel back camera accompanied by a 1.3-megapixel camera in the front to catch all of the gorgeousness that is the consumer’s face. The device is codenamed the GT- N5100, but is also known as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

I am glad to see Samsung jump back into the ring with an affordable new mini tablet, but one puzzling factor to me is the name itself. As far as I’m concerned, the Galaxy S series of devices seem to resonate more with consumers as a quality product. The S series seems to be more competitive with the iOS devices and is the very reason there is such a divide between iOS and Android. All I am saying is that the S series is the poster child for the Android Operating System, so it puzzles me that they are throwing the Note series tag on this device to compete with iPads instead of revolutionizing the Galaxy S tabs.

I think that Samsung is already beginning to confuse their customers with numerous sub-brand names in order to compete with just one brand name device.

Besides my one gripe about the product, I believe it will make a big splash in the market whenever they decide to release this bad boy. The product will run on Android Jelly Bean, allow for additional memory through micro SD and will come encased in a beautiful white shell for your gazing pleasure. Did I mention this thing weighs in under a pound?

Do you think this is a good move for Samsung? Let me know in the comments below.

Image Credit: Samsung

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