December 7, 2012

Samsung’s Apple-Mocking Makes The Top Of A Year’s End List

The time has come for one and all to ponder the past 11 months and recollect some of the more memorable moments. It happens every year: As the year draws to a close, people become inclined to rank things in list form, recounting the worst, the best, the biggest, the smallest and everything in between.

Somewhere in the in-between is a list ranking the Most Viral Tech Ads of 2012.

This list, compiled by Visible Measures, ranks 10 of the past year’s “most popular” videos based on how many views they’ve earned based on their True Reach service.

According to Visible Measures and True Reach service, the Samsung ad poking fun at Apple fans was the number one most “viral” ad of the year. In fact, Samsung nabbed a few more spots in this top ten list for the ad featuring LeBron James doing things he likely never does and some other videos which were hosted on their sites.

(One of which shows a very odd, somewhat animatronic hand working a Galaxy Note 2.)

The top video by Samsung, garnering 71,762,339 views, was released right as Apple iPhone fever was reaching its peak.

To be fair, Apple and Apple fans gave them plenty of material with which to make jokes. After all, there were several sites who made a pretty big deal about the headphones moving to the bottom of the phone. There were also numerous blog posts and podcasts dedicated not only to the new screen size (“but will the apps fit?!”) but the screen size of the new iPad mini as well.

It was a nice touch to show off the S-Beam NFC transfer of a playlist. Never mind the fact that I’ve never actually heard anyone in real life say, “Let me send you this playlist.”

The “Yo Momma” joke they slipped in was also done with just the right amount of tact and subtlety.

(As in, “Yo Momma so dumb, she buyin’ an iPhone that can’t even trade playlists with her friends. BURN!”)

No, Samsung did a good job with this ad. They’ve successfully painted Apple fans as either young, inept and technically averse lemmings or mothers. There they are, all standing in line, asking about new and modern technology, so blinded by their Stockholm Syndrome that they’ve forgotten how the rest of the world works.

It’s been pointed out before that Samsung had to take this tack because, well, very few people get excited about a Samsung release like they do an Apple release. There are some who consider this fervor to be sheep-like, or even zombie-like, to use the parlance of our time.

And yet, I have to imagine that from where Tim Cook and Crew are sitting on their enormous thrones built of money, they don’t particularly care why these people are lining up outside the store, so long as they do.

Apple is a company built upon making the best things they can and making products their customers will love. It’s a radical idea, but so far it seems to be doing very well for them.

It must be a dark and dreary world for the person who believes millions upon millions of people have been somehow duped out of making their own decisions for themselves.

So yes, Samsung has the top viral video of 2012 as determined by a company called Visible Measures: Further proof that Samsung owes all of their greatness to Apple. For without Apple, there would be no Galaxy, no Galaxy S III, no Note and no large group representing the majority to poke fun at.

Good work, Samsung.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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