Samsung’s New Galaxy S4 Game Controller
March 29, 2013

Samsung’s New Galaxy S4 Game Controller

The big boy companies of today sure do love to strut and tip-toe around the subject of mobile gaming. I’m not going to turn a blind eye to the advantages of developing for mobile devices; like the cheap cost of development, abundance of creative avenues and the ease of distribution. No, it’s not anything new that the video game industry certainly has a lot of dates knocking on her door. But the mobile gaming market just threw on a three-piece suit and arrived at the door with flowers and a box of chocolates in the form of Samsung and their new video game controller (I’ll let you decide which is which).

Samsung has just unveiled a new controller that looks a lot like an Xbox 360 controller (and they said you should never bring up an old lover on a first date). To the controller’s defense, it also has some resemblance to the old Nintendo Wii classic controller as well.

The little device is not only compatible with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 but also snaps on to it so, yes, you too can have your very own Voltron in your pocket. Don’t worry, Samsung is being very vague about this device at the moment, but they have shown pictures that you don’t always have to look like you’re a grown up playing a Nintendo DS; one can simply remove the controller and play it all console style through Bluetooth technology.

In addition, games can be played on the television screen, reports IGN, who got to have their mittens all over the controller recently at a special media.

The controller features two joysticks, a d-pad, a slew of operational buttons (like start, menu, home, etc.) at the top and the jellybean buttons that you have come to love on the Xbox 360 controller. Also, the gamepad does run on AA batteries, so you might want to raid your local convenience store and get a lifetime supply so you can keep gaming whenever the zombies decide to take over.

The price of this pad is still up in the air, but it releases in May so I’m sure we’ll hear pricing information in the coming weeks.

Is there a closing gap between mobile and console gaming? We bring this topic up a lot, but it looks like Samsung is trying to throw the first patch of dirt on the casket of the consoles and even making moves at taking the 360’s wife (or controller). Things are either pulling in that direction or Samsung is looking to have another battle in court after the whole Apple Fiasco has subsided.

I have high hopes for Samsung and wish them the best but that design is on the edge of a patent infringement. Who knows, there’s always room for loopholes and maybe Samsung found one.

The Galaxy S4 looks to have a little help on its quest to dominate the arena of mobile gaming in the shape of this gamepad.

I love the design; I just hope they know how to cover their toes on this one because they are walking on eggshells…again.

Image Credit: IGN

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