September 19, 2012

Samsung’s New Phone

I don’t want to say the rumor mill spins only for the iPhone, because I know that’s simply not true.

It’s simply part of the territory.

And when you model your products and your strategy after one of the most successful products of all time, expect some consequences.

Samsung is just lucky enough that not every consequence of their thievery is a $1 billion fine and injunctions. Samsung decided to launch one phone under one product name a few years back. They still make a crazy amount of other phones, of course, churning out slab after slab without garnering much attention.

Now in its third iteration, consumers are starting to expect the Galaxy S line. They’ve seen their friends and family struggle to just barely wrap their fingertips around the edges of the screen and have wondered what that giant bulge in others’ pockets is. They’ve probably even heard of the Apple v Samsung case and later saw a flyer or advert for the Galaxy S. Yes, Samsung now has a product line people could feasibly wait for.


But Samsung can’t take the good without the bad, and this week, the Korea Times made claims that the S Maker will be announcing the next Galaxy in the line up during the 2013 Mobile World Congress in Spain.

Rumored Specs?

  • Same quad-core, Exynos processor
  • Flexible display?!
  • An even BIGGER screen.

Something tells me Samsung executives will easily click on those spammy emails about “increasing size.”

Of course Samsung is going to be releasing a new phone next year. Apple fetish or no, they’d be daft not to.

If it weren’t for the fact that they prefer mimicking Apple’s announcement and release practices, (among other things…) I’d say the Mobile World Congress would be a great place to at least announce their next phone.

No, they’ll probably throw their own event like they did this year to remove the veil from the “Official Phone of the London Olympics.”

So, would it be out of the question to assume Samsung might take over, say, Moscone West and launch their new Galaxy S4?

Perhaps they’d begin the presentation with a brief pat-on-the-back on how few people comment on the similarities when they visit the Melbourne, Australia store, conveniently located 1 block away from the Apple store?

Maybe they’ll hire a designer of British decent to wax poetic about being inspired by rocks, pebbles and bowls of water before setting out to create this redesigned phone.

Or, OR! They’ll not redesign the phone at all, and simply release an upgraded version of the Galaxy S III. It could feature a better camera, different voices for their S-Voice and maybe different colors for their S-Pen and, of course, NFC again. Yes, this upgraded Samsung Galaxy S III sounds like a great device, even speedier and Samsung-ier than before. I can see it now: They’ll call it the Samsung Galaxy SIIIS, and millions of Android fan boys will defend it’s new voice options and “better battery life” against naysayers who accuse Samsung of refusing to innovate and jumping the shark.

Maybe, if we’re real good, S-Voice will one day claim one of those Poorly Spelled, All Caps Motorola Phones is the Best Phone Ever.

Oh, they’ll have egg on their face, then!

No, in truth, Samsung is going to release a new phone next year. It’s going to be ridiculously large (because it’s easier to make a screen bigger than come up with innovative ways to make their phones different from Apple’s) and millions of Android fans will rush to buy it, happy they’re once again able to participate in a hype machine surrounding ONE phone.

Though, I wouldn’t put it past them to try launching the thing in San Francisco.

Image Credit: Diego Cervo / Shutterstock

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