San Francisco To LA In 30 Minutes
August 17, 2013

San Francisco To LA In 30 Minutes

The distance between the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco is 350 miles. Imagine traveling between them in 30 minutes or less. I am not talking about by airplane either. There is a new transportation system on the drawing board that was announced this week and it’s called the Hyperloop Transportation System.

The idea was thought up by the owner of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, who also created PayPal, and owns SpaceX, which is private space travel. He had been talking about the idea for the past year, finally unveiling the concept Monday afternoon. A 57-page PDF file detailing the Hyperloop system is posted on Tesla’s website.

The Hyperloop will actually look similar to all those futuristic high-speed transportation systems in sci-fi movies. Passengers will sit in a comfortable seat within a capsule and be propelled down a low-pressure tube at speeds in excess of 700 miles per hour, but it will slow to 300 miles per hour in urban areas.

The initial power to start the capsule is a magnetic linear accelerator. Once the capsule is in motion at its traveling speed, it will get periodic boosts by a linear induction motor. Musk writes, “The moving motor element (rotor) will be located on the vehicle for weight savings and power requirements, while the tube will incorporate the stationary motor element (stator) which powers the vehicle.” He also stated, “We can make it work.” using the current technology implemented in the Tesla electric cars. He also wrote, “By placing solar panels on top of the tube, the Hyperloop can generate far in excess of the energy needed to operate.”

Musk estimates that it will take seven to ten years to build the system to span from LA to San Francisco. Currently there is a rail system planned for California that could cost well over $68 billion dollars to build. Musk says his Hyperloop System will only cost around $6 billion.

Musk also stated that he would not be able to take on the construction himself, but during a news conference he said, “I’m somewhat tempted to make a demonstration prototype.”

The Planned route between LA and San Francisco will be broken up into four sections. Los Angeles, Grapevine North and South, I-5, and the I-580 San Francisco Bay. The capsule will travel at 300 mph in the LA Grapevine South region, 555 mph in the Grapevine North region. 760 mph along the I-5, and along I-580, and 555 mph slowing down to 300 in San Francisco. Total travel time 35 minutes.

At this point, it is just an idea. Musk put out the idea hoping someone would make it a reality. Daryl Oster, CEO of ET3 does in fact have a similar concept and told Fox News, “At first I thought, yeah, this is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of.”

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