Save Our Bacon!
May 25, 2013

Save Our Bacon!

A San Francisco bacon restaurant is in fear of being closed down by a nosey neighbor. Complaints of the bacon smell permeating the neighborhood are a waft. Who doesn’t love the smell of bacon?

It seems I’m the resident bacon blogger as of recent. Every time a good story comes out about anything bacon, I’m clanking away furiously at my keyboard to spread the bacony word.

With that being said, here’s another:

Bacon Bacon, a San Francisco eatery in the Ashbury Heights neighborhood has been fighting long and hard to maintain its porky existence.

I thought everybody loved bacon, but apparently there are some San Francisco-ans that are a little pig-headed about the delicacy.

According to NBC Bay Area, “some neighbors began complaining a while back about the bacon smell wafting their way.”

“Depending on the wind patterns day to day, there were strong odors of bacon,” said attorney Ryan Patterson, who is representing a neighbor with sensory olfactory nerves. “This is a restaurant that specializes in bacon and is called Bacon Bacon — and it did smell like bacon.”

If there were strong odors of bacon drifting across my front lawn daily, I’d probably have to go shake someone’s hand in gratitude and sample a little bit of their swine just to ease the craving. These whiney people can’t be human, but I digress.

With dishes including, but not limited to, bacon-wrapped fried chicken, bacon scones, and just plain old bacon, it’s not inconceivable that there would be a bacon smell in the neighborhood, but the bacon smell wasn’t the only problem for Bacon Bacon; it was just the beginning.

They lacked a permit.

“They have been operating without a permit since December 2011,” said Richard Lee of San Francisco’s Health Department. “We finally set a deadline when they need to get a permit.”

“Under the city’s deadline, the restaurant was set to shut down on Friday at 3 p.m. Owner Jim Angelus said he offered to install a $35,000 USD air filtration system, but was afraid to commit to the work if the city was going to shut him down anyway. But on Friday, Angelus seemed to work out a deal with his neighbor after saying he would install the new system, even thought it had yet to be put into writing, and still required approval from the Planning and Health departments. There is a hearing in July to formalize the permits, and until then, Angelus is running a bacon food truck.”

Local supporters signed petitions and answered the call to action by going to pig out for what may have been one last time. They were greeted with a motivating message drawn on a chalkboard sign in front of the restaurant.

It read, simply, “Save Our Bacon!”

Angelus, who lives in the neighborhood where his restaurant operates, won’t go without a fight.

Luckily for him, the nosey neighbor agreed to the filtration system and even offered to help out with it!

“My client has offered to contribute money to make this happen,” Patterson said. “I think everyone is really happy about it.”

Image Credit: memphisslim / Shutterstock

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