Saving the Environment and Producing Green Jobs is in Maryland’s Blood Stream
June 22, 2013

Saving The Environment And Producing Green Jobs Is In Maryland’s Blood Stream

Courtesy of Pat Byington, The Green Register Editor

The state of Maryland is serious about the environment – especially green jobs. As editor of The Green Register, I am bombarded daily with information about states and their “green” efforts. But of all the states I have had the pleasure to evaluate, the state of Maryland is the most impressive when it comes to being eco-friendly, pro-sustainability and pro-green jobs.

Their program – “Smart, Green and Growing” is incorporated into almost everything economic development-wise the state of Maryland is implementing. One state economic developer described green jobs as being in the blood stream of all of the state’s economic development efforts.

And don’t just take my word for it, check out the Department of Economic Development’s Energy and Sustainability section of the website. Or visit the state’s Smart, Green and Growing website. Led by Governor Martin O’Malley, the state is “all in” from working to restore the region’s most precious resource, the Chesapeake Bay, to improving transit and creating green jobs.

And literally no stone is left uncovered. Check out these videos that describe the breadth of environmental programs and sustainability efforts in Maryland.

Chesapeake and Atlantic Bays Trust Funds

10 Things you can do to restore the Bay

Image Credit: Barghest / Shutterstock

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