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March 10, 2014

Seeing Earth From 250 Miles Up

On March 14, 2014, National Geographic will take viewers to a place few have really seen. The plan is to view the world, all around the world, from space in collaboration with NASA. Nat Geo will broadcast live from the International Space Station (ISS) and Mission Control in Houston, Texas. This means those with a desire to see space that don’t have the ability to go there will see Earth as NASA astronauts do. How totally cool is that!?!

As the website states the show will “go into orbit with astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Koichi Wakata as they fly at 17,500 mph nearly 250 miles above the earth’s surface on the International Space Station, while astronaut Mike Massimino joins host Soledad O’Brien on the ground at Mission Control in Houston. From space, Mastracchio and Wakata will give viewers a fully guided tour, showing us how they live for months in microgravity. They’ll conduct never-before-broadcast experiments that demonstrate the real-world value of the science conducted on the floating laboratory. Plus get ready for stunning shots of Earth, from sunset and sunrise, to city lights and green aurora, to lightning storms and shooting stars. You’ve never seen our planet like this before.”

To see the amazing show called Live from Space, one need only turn to the National Geographic Channel at 8:00pm ET/ 5:00pm PT. This is one of the few instances when I wished that I had cable or satellite or something so that I could watch this amazing event. To see what our Earth looks like from almost 250 miles above its surface will be amazing: truly sublime in both the awestruck, fearful way as well as the enchanted, magical one.

Specials like Live from Space are exactly why I adore National Geographic. In fact, the way Nat Geo reports on the different natural, scientific, space, and other topics attracts new readers and followers every day. Then when the interesting stories, shows, and reporting catch one’s attention, Nat Geo follows up with other interesting aspects like the interactive site for Live from Space. So not only does Nat Geo catch the attention of interested parties, but it also keeps that intention while simultaneously educating and informing them.

This opportunity brought to viewers by National Geographic may be just what that young kid needs to inspire her to study space or just what that young teenager needs to confirm his desire to take pictures or her desire to write articles focused on science, space, and the natural world otherwise. Through something as unique as “Live from Space” so many can feel the excitement that scientists, astronauts, and other interested parties feel every day. One small step, and all.

Sure, it may mean a Friday night in watching the world from space, but who cares? How cool will it be to see just what our Earth looks like from a distance? This seems like the perfect date-night in or family-night fun or just a night to ourselves. So, if you have nothing to do this Friday, turn to the National Geographic Channel for a glimpse of Earth like you have never before seen it. And enjoy it. I guess I better talk to my loved ones who do have cable and make plans, huh?

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