Sentience of Time – Chapter XI: Toward Convergence
June 29, 2013

Sentience Of Time – Chapter XI

The following story is a work of fiction and is 100 percent original work. I will be publishing a chapter per week on Saturdays, which can be viewed right here on redOrbit Blogs / Sci-Fi Saturday. I have always been interested in writing science fiction and this is a step toward realizing my dreams. I hope you enjoy this serial novel a chapter at a time!

Chapter XI: Toward Convergence

(June 9, 2020)

Cobi sat in the front passenger seat of the fire-red Dodge Charger flipping through his notebook. His partner sat in the driver’s seat with a straightforward gaze, waiting for Cobi’s next move. Cobi fingered through page after page as if he was searching for some vital information. He let out a sigh.

“Damn it.” He turned toward his partner. “Damn Asterim!”

The partner turned his gaze toward Cobi and smirked. “What do we do now?” The partner said in a semi-muted voice.

Cobi wasn’t sure. He had some time to think about his home; think about Asterim; think about Glimmer. He thought he was happy in this existence, but the truth was, he was just hiding from the present in the past. He looked at the notebook in his hand for a few moments and thought about his time in this past world. He thought about how it all came together.

(November 15, 2075)

“Hey man, don’t get me wrong but jumping ain’t nothing when you got the Glimmer.” Cobi took a deep shot of the juice. Several assistants stood by watching Mr. Heathro as he started to glow under his skin. “Wow, this just gets better every time,” he exclaimed as the Glimmer surged through his veins, illuminating his blood and giving him a rush of adrenaline. “Let’s do this!”

Just as Cobi was stepping into the time machine, Asterim and von Weitz walked through a doorway and rushed to a computer nodule. “SHUT IT DOWN NOW,” ordered Asterim.

Von Weitz punched in some numbers on a digital display and the machine began to power down.

“What the hell man?” Cobi jumped out of the capsule. “We got to do this; we got to get the stuff.”

Asterim walked up to Cobi and grabbed his arm that he had flailing about. “No, you got to stop this madness. You are out of control. Do you have any idea how dangerous time travel is running on fractanide? I mean look at yourself, it’s a wonder you haven’t de-geneticized yet.” Asterim looked over at von Weitz. “Lock it down.”

Cobi yanked his arm from Asterim’s grip and started laughing crazily. “Hey, this is a rush man. You don’t know what it’s like to travel through time. You never did this. You bet I am scared? I am living man; living.”

Asterim put his finger in his Cobi’s face. “You want to live. Get clean or don’t jump.” Asterim began walking out of the room.

Cobi turned his attention briefly to von Weitz and smiled. He then looked back at Asterim, who was about to step out of the room into the darkened corridor. He then looked back at von Weitz again. He walked over to his side and whispered close to his ear. “Now, turn it back on or your wife will soon be attending a funeral.” He pulled his head back and looked into von Weitz’s eyes to see if his words had sunk in.

Von Weitz gulped and restarted the machine.

Cobi averted his attention to the doorway. Asterim had vanished from sight. Cobi returned to a small box that sat on a table near the time capsule. The assistants that had been ready to push the send tab were now gone and it was only Cobi and von Weitz in the room.

Cobi lifted a shot of juice to his mouth and tipped his head back, allowing it to trickle down. His eyes lit up as the drug worked its magic. While a dose of Glimmer was euphoric enough, a double dose was truly enlightening and empowering at the same time. Cobi hunched over as the juice ran through his veins, returning his body to a luminous glow.

“It’s ready. August 5, 2066. You got 16 hours. Good luck.” Von Weitz hurried Cobi into the chamber. As Cobi began to feel energy surge through his system, von Weitz shut the door and gave him a look through a small glass pane.

Cobi knew the look. Maybe this was a bad idea. He moved to the window and peered out. Von Weitz turned the screen on his display toward the chamber – the digital display read 08052006. He began screaming out but all was lost. As he punched at the window he noticed another figure pull into view. Asterim had reemerged.

Asterim walked up to the small window and looked into Cobi’s eyes. “Have a nice life.”

Cobi screamed out louder as von Weitz pushed the button.

(June 9, 2020)

Jazz raced down a dirt path that veered off from the main road. She figured it would be much safer running through back woods roads and forest than being on a main thoroughfare. She had not known if the law would be after her again, but she could not stop to find out, even if the pain was stabbing at her side with agony. Still, she needed to rest for at least a few moments.

Jazz bent down forward with her hands on her knees and took a few deep breaths. She stretched backward and took another deep breath. She stretched side to side and then began to shudder as a tinge of pain shot through her.

She reached for her communicator and pushed a button for the display. The first map showed she was still about 7 miles from the flashpoint. A second display showed a few dots near her position. It could be officers or someone else. She couldn’t stand around to find out. She through the box back in her pocket and began pushing on again.

(Voided Future)

Jack sat impatiently in his eggshell chair waiting for the next move. He still didn’t understand everything that was going on. Asterim stood at a podium pushing buttons and reading info on a screen.

Just as he was about to ask a question, a loud noise came from above him. He peered up as a large chamber began to descend over him. “What the….” Jack tried to unsecure himself from his chair, but could not move. “What is this? Jack cried out.

Asterim moved to another display but kept his attention on Jack. “This is the time chamber Jack. This will send you back to your time; back to your home.”

The chamber slowly descended, encapsulating Jack. Asterim pushed a button as the chamber came to a rest. Jack was suddenly released from the grasp of the chair. “Now, Jack. Prepare to go home.”

While it was never safe to send organic matter so far through time, there was little choice. Either he would be safely returned to June 7, 2020 at the local store, or he would be vaporized. Asterim believed that if Jazz could have somehow survived such a jump, Jack could as well.

Jack stood in the chamber, not sure if he should be happy or scared. But as Asterim pushed another button, Jack felt a warming light surround him. He knew this was it.

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