Sentience of Time - Chapter XIX: The Face-Off (Part I)
September 21, 2013

Sentience Of Time – Chapter XIX (Part 1)

The following story is a work of fiction and is 100 percent original work. I will be publishing a chapter per week on Saturdays, which can be viewed right here on redOrbit Blogs / Sci-Fi Saturday. I have always been interested in writing science fiction and this is a step toward realizing my dreams. I hope you enjoy this serial novel a chapter at a time!

Chapter XIX: The Face-Off (Part I)

(June 9, 2020 – 1:44 p.m.)

Jazz remained knelt on the ground after the ordeal. The genes from her other self had shifted into the wave of energy as it dissipated. She felt a surge of warmth embrace her as she began to weep. Cobi stood with his gun concentrated on Jack, all the while keeping his eyes on Jazz and what had just transpired.

“What the hell just happened?” Cobi shouted out into the air.

Jack stood frozen, trying to decipher what the next move was going to be. Jazz wiped the tears from her face and looked up toward Cobi.

“YOU!” Jazz hollered out. “YOU DID THIS TO ME! YOU DID THIS TO US!”

Cobi backed up a few steps and pointed the gun at Jazz as she carefully stood to her feet. He held his arm out straight with his finger edging the trigger of the gun. “How are you alive? How can you be alive?” Cobi stepped back unsure of what was going on or how this would all play out now.

Jazz looked down at the ground where her other self had been lying. She then refocused her attention at Cobi. “Well, you tried to kill one of us, and now you have to deal with me. I now know why you are here and I can feel the pain you have already caused, and we are about to end it.”

Jazz began stalking her way toward Cobi. Jack remained motionless. Cobi put his finger on the trigger. “Stop or I will shoot,” He demanded. “I did it once… I will do it again.”

Jazz kept edging her way slowly toward Cobi. “You can shoot if you want, but you won’t stop us!”

Cobi tightened his grip as he pulled the trigger. The bullet seemingly ripped through Jazz’s chest but as it continued through her it was like hitting a ghost. No damage and Jazz continued walking toward Cobi. He lifted his arm and fired twice more, both bullets hitting the target dead on. Unsure of what the hell was happening, Cobi darted to Jack and grabbed him. Jack unable to move due to the shock he was in, was now being held hostage by Cobi.

“Maybe I can’t kill you, but I can kill your friend.” Cobi concentrated his weapon on Jack’s neck, pushing the barrel in hard. “Stop or I will take him.”

“Then what?” Jazz asked, pausing from her forward movement.

Just as Jazz was about to speak again her communicator began beeping. She looked down at her side and reached into her pocket. She pulled out the small black box and realized a call from the future was coming in again. She looked back up at Cobi. He lowered his gun and pushed Jack aside. Jack fell backward and to the ground. Cobi knew he couldn’t stop her now.

Jazz returned her attention to the box. She walked over to a small pile of wood along the edge of the path and placed the box on top of the pile. She pushed a button on the side of the box and a screen popped up with a small figure appearing on the display.

“Jazz are you there?” the raspy voice called out.

“Yes I am here,” she answered. “What the hell is going on?” She wanted an answer that she was not sure she would get.

“Asterim ordered the system shut down, but I have enough power in the reserve system to bring you home if you can get to the flashpoint. Did you take care of your problem?” the voice asked.

“Well, one problem is taken care of, but there is another.” Jazz looked at Cobi, who had now put his weapon away and was just hoping for a truce. “Cobi is here.”

The box made some more noises and the voice continued. “I insist that you take care of that problem quickly. I only have enough power to bring one person back. If you can Jazz, you need to get to the flashpoint. On the reserve I cannot send for you any farther away than a few feet from your original drop point. We can only keep this doorway open a short period. So you have limited time to make it. Hurry!” With that, the display shut down and the box returned to a silent mode.

Jazz slid the box into her pocket all the while keeping her focus on Cobi. “What should we do now?”

Cobi’s face grew pale. “I cannot stay here any longer. I need to go home too.”

“You heard the voice. It’s only one of us and I am not about to let my one-way ticket home slip by.” Jazz stepped back and put her hand down to Jack. “Get up Jack, now!” Jack, who was still in a state of shock, looked up at Jazz. She held her hand down toward him and looked at him intently.

“Jack, now!” she demanded.

Jack reached up to Jazz and returned to his feet. He looked at Cobi and finally began to go through the emotions of what had been going on. Jazz calmed him some and motioned for him to head to the car.

“Go to the car Jack. We need to go now!” Jazz pushed Jack in the direction of the car and watched as he began to walk away. She then focused her attention on Cobi. “You have done all the damage you can do. I am going home and you are not going to stop me. You can’t stop me. So you can just forget about it.”

Jazz turned and began walking toward the car. She paused and returned her attention to Cobi. “I once looked up to you. But you made your own bed. Now you have to sleep in it.”

She picked up her pace and ran to the car and jumped into the passenger seat. “Jack, I am sorry for everything. But we have to go now! We need to get to that store, fast!”

Cobi watched as the two pulled away down the road. Yes he let them go, but his plans were not over yet. After the car was out of sight, Cobi raced to his cruiser. He took his radio out of the glove box and called to headquarters.

“Base three this is Car nine. Come in base three.” Cobi waited for the dispatcher to answer.

“This is base three, go ahead car nine,” the dispatch answered.

“Dispatch, this is Cobi Heathro, officer number 9915. I need back-up at the Indigo Hook market. I have two suspects, a young female with long black hair and an older male with graying hair in a blue sedan, possible suspects in the shooting death of my partner, Ray Strong, officer number 4550. The pair are unarmed but extremely dangerous. Copy.”

“Copy,” dispatch answered.

Cobi slammed the door and backed the car around. He popped it in drive and raced down the path toward Jazz. He was not going to let his one chance at going home slip by, at any cost.

(June 9, 2020 – 2:36 p.m.)

As Jack pulled up near the store, sirens could be heard once again in the background. Jazz looked over at Jack. “It’s okay, Jack. You can go if you want. I can make it from here.” Jazz stepped out of the car and shut the door. She heard another door shut and looked back.

“I have come this far and haven’t given up. I am not letting you go until I know you are safe.” He walked over to Jazz and motioned that they walk to the store together.

As they approached the store, the sirens become even louder. Jazz knew that Cobi had called for backup. But she hoped she could make it back before the cavalry arrived. However, as she and Jack made it the last few steps to the storefront, she caught Cobi’s car screaming down the road from the corner of her eye.

Jack pointed in the opposite direction as a half dozen cop cars had been converging on their position. It seems a final showdown was going to be upon them.

Stay tuned next week for the final chapter of Book One!

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