July 24, 2012

Seriously? Another One!?

In response to “Super Slim PlayStation 3 Could Be In The Works

I stumbled upon a article today speculating on the release of another version of the PS3. It’s gonna be slimmer, they did that. It’s gonna have more memory, they did that. It’s gonna be the exact same thing they did last time with a new product number and some new hype, they did that too.

Sony still has yet to produce a release date, let alone confirm the existence, of the PS4, or whatever they plan to call it, but is another version of the PS3 really the answer to keeping their followers interested?

I’m a firm believer of keeping the customers coming back, but at what point does it become monotonous, and eventually turn itself into an insult to their loyal follower’s intelligence? Since more than 80% of PS3’s users are from 18-54, it’s safe to assume they can all tell the difference, and if they’re interested in the product, they probably already own one! With all of the online buzz surrounding the mythical PS4, and all of its faithful followers, I highly doubt many people are interested in the eleventh version of a PlayStation 3.

Think about it. You already own a PS3, it probably cost you a couple hundred bucks depending on when you bought it, and which of the first ten versions you have. You probably spent another couple hundred bucks on all your games.  You’ve got your rent that you and your 40 year old virgin roommate split, plus you’ve got to keep your fridge full of Natty Light and Ramen Noodles for your refined taste, and let’s not forget your financial responsibility to your cats, Angelina, KimK, and Sophia, who have a refined taste of their own. MeowMix and TidyCats, and nothing less. On top of all of that you still have to pay somewhere around 30-50 bucks a month for your Internet connection so you can pwn noobs worldwide. PFFT! Unless your current console overheats in a late night sesh with the guys, you’re probably not going to spring for another 250-300 bucks on something you already own.

So it’s supposed to be even slimmer, who cares? It’s not like the Vita, and you’re going to carry it around town in your butt pocket! When the news of Vita came out I had a similarly lack-lustered response, “Another PSP, big whoop.”, but the Vita touted many new features and capabilities that the original PSP lacked, so it shut me up when I finally started doing research.

Sony, if you’re reading this, pull the plug on the newest anorexic version of the already popular PS3. The first ten versions were good enough. Seriously. Give the fans a PS4 already!

Their number one competitor, Microsoft Xbox 360, only has six or seven models that I can find, excluding the collectible consoles like MW3 and Star Wars. Sony is now on their eleventh. Is that some sort of revelation as to Sony’s inferiority, or is it completely irrelevant? You decide.

I can’t help but be reminded of the Bradley Pacquiao boxing upset in June. I read an article that said, “Boxing just insulted its fans with this decision”, I feel like Sony just did the same to its fans with this one

Hopefully it’s just a smoke screen to hide the PS4.

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