Seth Rogen And FX Are Creating A Bigfoot Cartoon
April 28, 2013

Seth Rogen And FX Are Creating A Bigfoot Cartoon

Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds, and even worse when you see some preview shots of the animation. To call it animation is pushing it, even for a college level stick figure artist. But I firmly believe that an opinion should be given on the quality of said product, even if that opinion means absolutely nothing next to the fact that Seth Rogen and FX both produce unholy amounts of money by the day. (You can view a screenshot here.)

Here I go with my useless ambition.

The show is called Bigfoot, and is based on Graham Roumieu’s graphic novels including In My Own Words, Me Write Book, and I Not Dead. Are you still here? Ok, I’ll keep going.

The show is to follow the story of a modern interpretation of Bigfoot, although honestly I don’t know exactly how modern a gigantic humanoid fur ball can get. We’ll be following the hardships of Bigfoot trying to assimilate into society as a “a bipolar hopeless romantic that lacks the ability to properly express himself, living in both the human and animal world of Pine Falls but not quite fitting in to either one.” If you’re still here, may God have mercy on your poor soul.

Seth Rogen is one of my favorite ‘new’ comedic actors, alongside Asiz Ansari and Kevin Hart, although I agree these guys aren’t truly new. I began with seeing Seth in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, a romantic comedy about a depressed 40-year-old virgin struggling with the hardships of being a 40-year-old virgin with friends who make fun of him for being a 40-year-old virgin.

It really is quite compelling if you want it to be.

While I laughed constantly while watching that film, my experience with Rogen’s material has soured in recent years, as I feel that my sense of humor has, shall we say, ‘matured.’ Let me make a disclaimer, in case you’ve decided to resent me for speaking my mind; I don’t care what you think.

Seth Rogen is a funny individual and I can respect the amount of time and work that it’s taken him to get this far. However, I take Rogen’s boom of success a little more seriously than I’ve taken Jonah Hill’s success with shouting every obscenity that the MSRB hates at a screen. Keep in mind that that isn’t saying much, since I’ve always regarded these two as sub-par with each other’s humor. Am I wrong for this? Possibly, but again, I don’t really care what you think.

FX is actually planning to make Bigfoot a serious priority in a bid to increase their animation sector to get more popular titles out of the door, hinting at the humor to be on the same level as Archer. On that note, I’ve watched a few episodes of Archer and I’m flabbergasted at the fact that I’m literally just discovering it.

God bless Netflix, right?

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