December 20, 2012

Severe Weather Update: Mobile, Alabama – December 20, 2012

MOBILE AL – The morning of December 20, 2012 was a different type of morning for residents in Western Mobile Alabama as they were woken by a series of storms that rolled through the region as on storm reported in the region spawned a confirmed tornado which struck the Southwest-west portion of the city.

At 800AM along Interstate 10 just to the west of Mobile Alabama, Meteorologist Joshua Kelly was able to capture an image of a strong line of storms that were moving into the same general area as the morning storms did.

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

Driving further along towards the west, this image was captured of a dark and threating storm cloud that was pushing through the region just southwest of Mobile. The image was taken by Meteorologist Joshua Kelly and shows an area of weak rotation that was occurring near the I-65 and I-10 portion of Mobile Alabama, this storm spawned a second tornado warning for the region as it moved through Mobile, luckily with this cell no confirmed touchdowns were reported as the storm pushed through but as it pushed through it continued to spawn tornado warnings well East and Northeast of Mobile also this morning.

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

Around 900AM another storm this one located to the east of Mobile also spawned another tornado warning to be issued, looking at the image below, we  are able to see the weak areas of rotation with this cell from a distance as Meteorologist Joshua Kelly was able to capture this image just as the storm passed to the east of Mobile.

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

This morning severe weather reports included the tornado that touchdown in Mobile which created a wide swath of damage in the Southwest portion of town. There also were reports of many power outages and damaged roofs in this same area of Mobile along with power lines being down and trees being uprooted. Elsewhere, there was well over 100 reports of wind damage that spread from Eastern Texas all the way into the Gulf Coast and now is pushing into the Southeast and the Northern part of Florida this afternoon.

These storms all occurred well ahead of the main front, these storms were Super-cell based and were forming rapidly about 100 miles ahead of the main cold front. Once the main cold front arrived into the region around 10AM, many changes were noted along the Gulf Coast region from very strong winds with reports of winds as high as 45mph out of the Northwest along with a rapid drop in temperatures as temps were about 72F ahead of the front and as soon as the front passed temperatures along the Gulf Coast fell to around 54F. All of this took place within a 20min time span.

Featured Image Credit: Photos.com

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