December 26, 2012

Sex Offenders Stripped From Gaming

Vile and repulsive acts of harsh degrees are apparent, even when playing video games. Leading publishers have agreed with the Attorney General of New York and have decided to take action.

One of the most remarkable aspects of today’s generation of gaming culture is the innovation of the online connection throughout the world. This nifty tech advancement came to us a little over a decade ago in PC gaming, and was eventually introduced to the then game console generation of Original Xbox and PS2. Despite their very young age at that time, competitive online games were already making giant splashes in the area first person shooters. One of the most important parts of online connection is a user’s ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere they choose, as long as that other person actually exists.

Do you want to speak to Antonio in Brazil? Seja meu conviado!!!! How about a match of team slayer with Christopher in Stuttgart, Germany? Wunderbarr! Maybe a fifteen-minute co-op session with Joseph down the street right before you go to work? Absolutely, just make sure you don’t let time fly. It’s a hub of international and cultural meshing of gamers around our world, and in the correct setting it should be a paradise for gamers

Sadly, that paradise is little more than a dystopian wasteland of immature children that yell and scream the most vulgar of obscenities and racial remarks. The worst brand of beings is born here, and there is absolutely no hope for a stern talking to or a heart-to-heart to soften their behavior. Mean, nasty attitudes in co-op games like Gears of War 2, and annoyingly brutal high pitch tones of screaming and crying when they lose an objective.

This is hell, on the Internet.

One of the worst kinds of people, and certainly the creepiest, are sex offenders. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise in a community of individuals who delight in interaction with each other. In fact, this action should be understood in light of it being a product of the power of the connected Internet. Events such as LAN parties and co-op games have been the main areas of interest to gamers, exchanging private information to meet up and play.

You’ve heard the stereotype about the Internet, right? Every woman you meet on the Internet is more than likely a man, and every man you meet is more than likely a rapist? It’s not just a joke for the masses to chuckle about; it’s an actual problem with the online community.

I’ll say it again; the Internet is a hellish place.

So hellish, in fact, that sex offenders are gaining additional national attention from THQ and other game publishers. These guys have begun a partner ship with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in a quest to add 2,000 sex offender accounts to a batch of 3500 already rallied up this year and purge their accounts from their games. Schneiderman claims that “the Internet is the global crime of the 21st century, and we must ensure that online video game platforms do not become a digital playground for dangerous predators.”

No truer a statement can ever be made on such a subject.

The Internet is a dark and cruel environment, meaning that all users who have access to it are given warnings about exchanges of personal information, although obviously many do it any way. It’s online console gaming, after all, and our attention should be more closely tied to the games we’re actually playing. The last thing this generation needs is a wasteland of filth and shady characters making a play for vulgar activities.

Long live the integrity of gaming!

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