Sex On The App-le
October 8, 2012

Sex On The APP-le

With more than a half million apps available for download at the App Store, Apple by far has the most apps available in any one spot on the web, and most likely also offers the widest array of categories. However, one category Apple has tried to keep out of the limelight is perhaps the one many people want to see more of.

The tech giant has tried hard to keep content in its App Store respectable and fresh for all ages, but there have been a number of apps to surface the store’s cyber shelves that are geared mainly toward the older, and perhaps, more erotic crowd. While many of these apps get by censors, they are quickly removed due to their generally obscene nature (for example: Video Strip Poker and Strip Simon).

But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find apps of the adult kind on Apple’s App Store. You just may have to search a little harder. While many of these over-eighteen apps may seem mundane and may even be suitable for some teens, a few are actually very adult-oriented and should be kept that way.

Some of these apps are highlighted below:

Perhaps one of the most ordinary of the sex apps available is The Girlfriend Helper app. This powerful app can help men maintain their relationship with their significant other. It provides example texts, split into 8 different categories, that you can send to your girlfriend to keep your affair fresh. It also comes with a tips section, showing some helpful tips on getting and keeping a girlfriend. There is also a date book that lets users remember memorable dates for later use.

RelationTips is another app geared toward improving your relationship, not only with the love of your life, but also with your kids, your parents, and other members of your family. While it doesn’t really fit into the sex category, it does offer tips for going on dates, giving ideas on things to do together, tips on how to communicate your love for one another, And how to keep the love alive. It offers some of the same features found in The Girlfriend Helper app, including Important Dates.

Truth or Dare! What can I say about this app? Well it isn’t the greatest app to ever surface, but it can be fun, especially for teens and young adults, and especially at a party where there are no inhibitions to be found. Basically with this app, all you do is enter in player names, spin the spinner, and then choose truth or dare. Then follow the rules, that is if you dare!!!

Moving on to spicier avenues, we come across a little app called Sex-Facts. This one is self explanatory: It offers some of the best sex facts you can find, so says the developer. Those who are brave, can share their favorite facts with others, and can even paste facts on Facebook and Twitter with an easy tap of the clipboard.

And what good are sex facts if you can’t experience some for yourselves. With Kamasutra: Sex Positions Guide you can view over 100 sensual sexual positions with detailed descriptions of each position displayed. The app, once downloaded is self-sufficient and does not need an Internet connection to use. The app also includes the 69 Sex Positions Scanner, which means trying new sex positions encourages a whole new fun way to explore sex. The scanner also measures you and your partner’s sexual desire, analyzing important vital signs in order to find the best sexual position to fulfill your current sexual mood.

Spice Dice is another app that can spice up your sex life; it comes from the people who make Durex, the world’s No. 1 brand of condoms. The app offers suggestions on everything from romantic gestures to sexual positions and includes full illustrations and instructions. It also offers recommendations on condoms, lubes, massage oils and vibes.

Still not spicy enough for you, then how about the Passion app? This innovative app allows you to compare how well you stack up to other people during sex. The app measures your sexual performance and gives you a rating from 0 to 10, 10 being the best of course. Once you get your rating you can go online and see how well you did against the rest of the world. But how does it work, you ask? The app uses all of the iPhone’s distinct features such as the microphone, accelerometer and other features to give an accurate score. All it takes is for you to start the app, put the phone on the bed and go do your thing. Once you are done, stop the app and view your results.

Of course, before you men out there decide to use the Passions app, you may first want to get your hands on the Female Orgasm Facts app to find out how best to please your lover. This app may really help improve your Passions app score!

Female Orgasm Facts increases your knowledge of the secrets of the female’s sexual body. The app covers everything from why a woman has an orgasm, to how it works, and the different types of orgasms that women can feel. The app offers many tips on how to please your lover and give her the perfect orgasm. The possibilities are endless.

We have covered several different types of apps here but perhaps the one app that could really offer the best experience is the Sex Drive app. It was created to promote a healthy sex life, something that everyone should have in their life. When using the app, users should be in a relaxing setting away from any interrupting sounds. Start the app, plug in your earphones, and relax as you listen to 10 to 20 minutes of specially formulated binaural beats that have been scientifically proven to enhance your sexual areas of your brain.

While any headphones can give you a pleasurable experience, the developer suggests using stereo headphones for the ultimate experience.

While these are just a few of the sexual-based apps that may be found on Apple’s App Store, they are among some of the better ones that are out there. While some are definitely spicier than others, they all offer a general sense of sexual inspiration in some way, shape or form. Be sure to check out these apps now before it is too late. Apple may well decide to ban one or more of any of these, though most likely a few will be safe from prohibition.

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