Sex To Cure A Headache
March 9, 2013

Sex To Cure A Headache?

In a scene from the 1993 Mike Myers comedy “So I Married An Axe Murderer,” a Bohemian San Francisco poet takes his newly-wedded bride to an old hotel on the Pacific coast to spend their honeymoon.

As the couple checks in, the bride informs the front desk clerk that she has a headache and asks if the gift shop sells aspirin. The desk clerk directs her to the gift shop and once she is out of earshot, the mischievous clerk asks the husband if he thinks his wife “really has a headache.”

The implied joke being, of course, that the bride is faking a headache to get out of having honeymoon sex.

And so goes one of the innumerable jokes about headaches and sex.

It’s commonly understood that the best cure for headaches and migraines is dim lighting and some time spent in bed.

A new study from the University of Munster has found that these cures are only half right.

The lights should be dimmed, but only to set the mood.

And there should be some time spent in bed, but headache sufferers shouldn’t sleep alone.

Ok, I’ll just come out and say it: sex cures headaches.

Although, it’s never as clear-cut as that.

This new study has found that those who suffer from migraines stand a pretty good chance of dismissing this pain if they hop in the sack. The same effect was noted in people who suffer from cluster headaches, though to a lesser extent.

It had been previously understood that sex can be the cause of headaches. Some of these headaches were even delayed by as much as nine months and lasted for up to 18 years.

(Thank you, I’m here all week.)

Of those headache sufferers who took part in this study, 33 percent said they tried having sex during their head pain. Of these, a full 60 percent of migraine sufferers said knocking boots killed their pain. A lesser 36 percent of cluster headache patients experienced similar results.

You might also be surprised (but you won’t be) to find that men were more likely to worship at the throne of the beast with two backs to rid them of their headaches.

Thirty-six percent of men said they were able to convince their partners that sex really could cure a headache, (seriously, baby!) compared to 13 percent of women.

“In total, 42.7 per cent of all migraine patients experienced at least 50 per cent relief, a response rate as high as in studies on acute medication,” said the researchers.

All told, three out of every four participants said sex brought some sort of improvement on their condition.

However, one-third of those who didn’t report any improvement said that the sex actually made their headaches worse…but those kinds of facts just don’t fit with the rest of the story, now do they?

Image Credit: Olena Pantiukh / Shutterstock

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