December 2, 2012

Sexual Innuendos Still In Video Games?

We’ll take a look at our favorite titles in the industry, and ponder indefinitely on why PETA and MAVAV can’t find another form of entertainment to hate.

Owing to the advancements of the internet and social media, the abilities of organizations and cult movements have skyrocketed to a level of power and influence never dreams before. Its not like their influence was born here, but hell if it didn’t gain leverage.

Violence and vulgar depictions in video games have been as prevalent today as they were ten years ago when gamers first began auto aiming down their sights to mow down entire crowds of pedestrians. Stealing cars for the fun of it, and increasing that fun exponentially by running people over with that same car!

Why do we seem so sick in the mind?

Opposed to the theory of humans being dark and demented and needing a modern day arena to unleash their savage tendencies-I believe there is a such thing as having fun for the fun of it. Tim Burton has a reputation for making very dark and gritty movies-even darker than Guillermo Del Toro’s collection.

Well, maybe not that dark. But pretty dark.

Yet Burton doesn’t have much attention from the media on his themes and cinematic style. The general audience of movie goers respect the craft of cinema enough that instead of demonizing his work they simply categorize it as dark. Now I think that’s just beautiful given the natural affliction of fear that people feel towards most of everything in today’s society!

Owing to that observation, it is obvious that organizations like PETA and MAVAV don’t respect the creation of gaming. How can they? This industry is only a little over thirty years old. Respecting it as a legitimate art form is very difficult for most people I suppose, but why the hate and unnecessary bickering? Surely you’ve heard of the sad and pathetic protest efforts?

Remember when PETA made its big ol’ fuss about Battlefield 3’s cruelty to animals in the earlier  missions when Chuckie the rat met your combat knife? PETA argued that DICE was  depicting the murder of the “likeness” of rats.

The likeness. Exactly where does the likeness translate to an all out connection of realism? The rats we’re made entirely as digital models!!!

Or perhaps you can recall when the same organization argued that Super Mario 3D land sent the message that wearing “Tanooki” skin was “OK”.  If you hadn’t been caught up on the news, Tanooki’s are a species of beaver that are skinned alive for their fur.

I won’t pile this post with the list of ridiculous and outlandish protests of PETA, but that sounds like a great idea.

And in any case, how long shall we wait before anti-video game groups give up their futile efforts of having some of our favorite titles banned? What do they want? Its just another form of entertainment, geared towards the masses of consumers.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!!

Image Credit: Photos.com

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