Sharknado is Unstoppable!
August 1, 2013

Sharknado Is Unstoppable!

I told you about the cheesy goodness of SyFy’s Sharknado and the incredible Internet response to the truly bad movie. 604,000 Tweets can’t all be wrong, right?

Then I told you that they were planning a second movie, set in NYC next year. And that you can help them name the movie by sending a Tweet of your own.

I thought, other than watching a couple re-runs of the movie, that would be the end of the Sharknado craze for a while. I mean, really, how long can you keep sharks in the air? Boy, was I wrong!

The Marquee Blog reports that Sharknado storm clouds are gathering over local movie theaters as we speak. “Regal Entertainment Group plans to host midnight screenings of ‘Sharknado’ at roughly 200 theaters across the country just after 12 a.m. on August 2.”

Yes, you read that right. You too can get in on the awesome grade-B movie madness that is Sharknado. Hmmmm, wonder if they will put the flying sharks in 3D? Imagine, watching Ian Ziering cut his way out of a flying shark with a chainsaw in 3D? Oooo , But I digress. Sorry. *Wipes the drool off my lips.*

The movie will cost around $12.50 USD for the one-night-only event. But if the intense reaction on Twitter is any clue, they will rake in the dough.

“If the Internet reactions to this film are any indication, then our moviegoers are primed and ready to enjoy ‘Sharknado’ larger than life in cinemas,” Regal Entertainment Group’s director of digital marketing Chris Sylvia said.

Check out this list to see if the Flying Sharks will be landing anywhere near you!

Image Credit: SyFy

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