Sharknado Stirs Up A Storm On the Net
July 15, 2013

Sharknado Stirs Up A Storm On the Net

I have to admit to a guilty pleasure. I LOVE SyFy movies.

Not because of the great intellectual scripts, not for the heavily researched science (both of which are non-existent), but for the sheer cheesy goodness. This week’s offering was one of the best.

The title tells you nearly everything you need to know about this gem. Sharknado – a tornado of SHARKS!

*Spoiler Alert*

First, there is the never heard of hurricane off the coast of Los Angeles that decimates the beach area all the way into Beverly Hills. Sharks are driven in front of the storm to invade the beaches, the sewers and even the highways! Watch out on the 405, it’s a tidal wave of sharks! We are assured by the strangely-placed ship’s captain that nearly 20,000 sharks are coming. That’s not enough, though, for this piece of movie magic.

The sharks eat the old affable drunk, they eat the preppy asshole boyfriend, and they try to eat a school bus full of children. Our heroes fight them off with baseball bats, shot guns, homemade bombs, a chopper and chain saws.

The best is yet to come. The hurricane spawns three, count them THREE, tornados which rip through the city depositing FLYING SHARKS all over.

And the witty dialogue doesn’t let you down either. When confronted with a room full of bloody water in a Beverly Hills mansion, one of our heroes quips, “Looks like that time of the month!”

Better than the cheesy goodness of this movie, however, has been the response online.

James Poniewozik of the Times says “A movie like Syfy’s Sharknado, say, should not be judged on how well it fulfills the standards of Band of Brothers. It should be judged on how well it fulfills the standards of a movie with the title Sharknado.” His judgment is that we have to ask different questions of this movie, than we would of a serious, or even semi-serious, movie.

“We must ask: Does it entertain? Does it make us squirm while laughing while reconsidering our commitments to a pescatarian diet? Does it, we must ask above all, give us sharks in a tornado?”

“Yes, yes, and hell yes.”

Even more astounding was the Twitter reaction. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Sharknado drew even more Tweets than the Red Wedding on Game of Thrones. Something like 5,000 Tweets a minute were flying last night as the sharks ate their way through Hollywood. “There were more than 604,000 tweets about the irresistible Sharknado from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. ET on Thursday, according to social media analytics firm Fizziology.”

The Red Wedding, in contrast, only drew 241,000 tweets.

I have to admit, I was not Tweeting last night, but my friends from grad school and I WERE on Facebook talking about it, pretty accurately predicting the action, and LOVING every minute of the camp-a-palooza! Nothing this good has been on SyFy since the Zombie tiger ate Ving Rhames on Zombie Apocalypse!

So, I realize that, for the most part, redOrbit is about serious science, and we bring you the best of the best, keeping you informed about the amazing things our brightest minds are achieving. But sometimes, I just have to stop and enjoy the way science can be twisted for entertainment, and according to the Internet buzz, you enjoy that too.

Be safe out there, and watch for flying sharks!

Image Credit: SyFy

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