January 26, 2013

ShutYoMouf: Apple Sells Over 47 Million iPhones

Despite recent rumors of Apple losing its fire with a stock drop below $500 (USD) earlier this month, Apple has remained vigilant and steady in its resolve. Keeping that resolve is very difficult, especially in this economy, where stock investors and consumers can very easily lose faith in software and hardware engineers.

With that steady strength of resolve, they have reported a marginal profit with over 47 million iPhone sold in the previous quarter from last year. Considering the iPhone 5’s release just under a year ago, that’s very impressive for a smartphone. Is it all that impressive for Apple?

Perhaps not, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have an immense optimism for the future. Not only this, but they also sold over 22.9 million iPads as well as 4.1 million Mac computers, down from 5.2 from the quarter in the year prior for that same product.

Honestly, that doesn’t really surprise me. They concentrate so much on the smartphone and tablet market, essentially, the most popular of computer hardware. Desktop computers and laptops aren’t as popular as they were five years ago. With good reason as well, these desktop computers didn’t carry the luxury of handheld, on-the-go capabilities as their smaller counterparts did.

After all, that’s what people want most, right?

With that kind of desire for technology, these people must have a shaky faith in Apple.

We’ve all heard of the legal battles that Apple has been in with Samsung and Toshiba in the past year: petty design and stolen idea claims that have made them sour in the tooth. For some, these reports are indications of Apple’s greediness and downright disrespect for other companies, while others see it as a sign of their superiority of trademark and vigilance to keep their brand untainted.

Why were consumers so prone to rumors of Apple’s potential failure? It probably comes down to the fact that Apple is very good at making themselves popular. With popularity, there comes a steady population of people who wish for the failures and downfalls of your business. Schadenfreude.

It’s very natural for most people that you meet: They either love, or hate Apple. It’s usually not an in between scenario where they’re just neutral. Shouldn’t that be a sign that Apple is succeeding at something inside those shiny buildings that they work out of?

These are the same guys that highlight each and every product with mutually beneficial words like “New”, “Improved”, and “Best”.

Do these words really fulfill the products? It couldn’t possibly matter! They’re selling tens of millions of their products by fiscal quarters; I would assume the question of an inadequacy to their hardware isn’t up for debate. In any case, this is a clear sign that Apple hasn’t gotten weak at all, which probably means that the legal battles won’t let up this year.

But let’s keep our eyes on what possible new smart phones Apple has planned for release and in the mean time I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Image Credit: Apple

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