Sky Motion App Gives Great Weather
April 6, 2013

Sky Motion App Gives Great Weather

The Sky Motion app tells it all. The team at Sky Motion Research, Inc. has created an app for the weather. This app will be able to provide you information on when the rain and snow will begin, down to the minute and for your location. This new app is free for download and can be found on their website, if you are interested in downloading it.

The way the app works to give you the rain and snow start time is that it ingests data from over 200 weather radars in North America and translates that data into reliable, by the minute, rainfall and snowfall forecasts. The data is refreshed every five minutes and can give you an advance warning up to two hours before the start of a rain or snow event.

Sky Motion Research, Inc. would also like to tell you that this app is available for download on the following devices: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, as well as an online web application. They also offer an online demo where you can see the SkyMotion in action. You can also watch a video on how this application can help you.

You can also follow all of the latest happenings with Sky Motion on their blog site, where they provide information on the latest updates to the SkyMotion app.

As a meteorologist myself, I can tell you that having a neat app like this when we are in the field, while working away from our computers, is very useful. Go over to their site and get your download of the SkyMotion app today. They even offer a test page to see the data in motion. Go here to see the app in motion and working before you decide to download it yourself.

So the next time you have plans that require you to be outdoors, make sure you have this app and its data will be able to give you a heads up on the impending weather.

Image Credit: Sky Motion Research, Inc.

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