Small Penis Grounds For Divorce In Taiwan
March 27, 2013

Small Penis Grounds For Divorce In Taiwan

Men, the debate has long been on the table since what seems like the dawn of time; does size really matter? Okay, the answer to the question is, of course, that it does and to believe otherwise is complete shenanigans. Sure, you may not believe that this is true, but be honest with yourself here, buddy. Those times that you’ve finished huffing and puffing off of that lucky lady in your life, you probably don’t feel a thing (and neither does she). And to some men out there, this doesn’t bother them. The shortcoming may cost them the lack of a freshly prepared turkey sandwich, it may even cost them the lack of a proper message after you’ve put in work; or it may even deny them the deep satisfaction of putting their lucky lady into a leg-twitching coma. That may be a heavy price to pay, but did anyone ever think that the shortcoming would come at a greater cost?

Well, it cost a man in Taiwan his marriage. Yes indeed, his wife has had enough (or not enough, in his case).

The couple, Zhou and Zhang, started as nothing short of puppy love, even if they were well into their golden years. Zhou, 55, finally got his chance to date his precious friend of five years, Zhang, who is 52. You’d think he’d be jumping for joy at this point. The couple dated for about five months when Zhang asked for the good old hanky-panky dance that grown-ups like to do, but Zhou refused (hmmm… a man refusing sex, that’s a strong one).

Of course, she questioned him about this rejection and he replied that sex before marriage was a sin and he highly regarded this rule (okay, I can dig this, if he’s happy).

When all of the wedding bells were rung, it was time to rip off that wedding dress, unlock the combination to that bra and Spartan-kick those granny panties off.

The sad fact is that she had found out why her lover had been so hesitant all of this time. She pulled down those tidey-whities to find… ummm… something a little different on the menu. I’m going to state this in a family friendly matter; in a world full of fish of all sizes, she reeled in a shrimp (yep, she knows how to pick ‘em). reports that when she saw Zhou’s underdeveloped penis, that she immediately told the local newspaper, “His penis is so small, like a kid’s, only 5cm [2″] long”.

To Zhou’s defense, he says that all of this shortness nonsense is due to erectile dysfunction, which is (in his words) “elective” and not medical. He states that the both of them can never really decide when to have sex. Maybe some candles and some Marvin Gaye would help.

Sadly, this love story ended in a split.

I guess in a relationship for a woman her age, Zhang wanted a full grown, mature man. I guess Zhou had some “growing up” to do.

Image Credit: Piotr Marcinski / Shutterstock

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