Smuggling Reaches New Heights: Buckets Of KFC
May 27, 2013

Smuggling Reaches New Heights: Buckets Of KFC

Hunger can make people do some crazy things. Buckets of KFC are now being smuggled in underground tunnels into regions where “Western fast food franchises” are outlawed.

In the past few years, many food delivery services have opened up. These aren’t restaurants or eateries of any kind; they’re simply the middlemen helping you conquer your hankering. The services usually charge $5-$10 USD or some sort of percentage to pick up whatever it is you want and deliver it to you.

These services aren’t only in America either, and they’re proving that hunger is a powerful thing.

In Gaza, where Western fast food franchises are prohibited by Israeli restrictions, savvy consumers have figured a way to get their hands on some good ol’ Southern fried chicken.

The idea to get the American fast food staple into the hands of hungry Gazans came from al-Yamama, a food delivery service that opened in the Palestinian territory a few years ago, according to The Christian Science Monitor.

According to CNN, “When employees last month had a taste for some finger-lickin’ good stuff, they called a friend just over the Gaza border in al-Arish, Egypt, and asked him to order some up. He did so and sent it to Gaza through one of the hundreds of tunnels under the Gaza-Egypt border used to get goods into Gaza prohibited by Israeli restrictions, things such as weapons and cars.”

Far from fast food, it took three hours for the purchase, transit, and delivery to be made complete. Soggy fried chicken is better than no fried chicken, I suppose.

Eating KFC “has been a dream,” Rafat Shororo told the Monitor. “And this company has made my dream come true.”

I’d say those are pretty modest dreams, but hey, fried chicken is kind of a big deal, you know.

With full bellies, “We asked ourselves, ‘Why don’t we provide this service for Gazans?’ ” Mohammed al-Madani, the financial manager of al-Yamama, explained to the Monitor.

Khalil Efrangi, the entrepreneur that started al-Yamama, thinks of his smuggling as a very noble act, and boasted to the Times saying, “I accepted this challenge to prove that Gazans can be resilient despite the restrictions,”

I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m gonna say the fact that his company was able to charge 300 percent more than what they originally paid probably had a little something to do with it too, but who am I to judge?

“A bucket of chicken goes for about $30 in Gaza, about three times the price in Egypt, according to the media reports. Besides the chicken, fries, coleslaw and apple pie are available, according to the Times.”

Al-Yamama won’t just go pick up two or three buckets of chicken, though. They typically wait until 30+ orders have been placed in order to make it a little more worth their time and effort.

Despite having to wait several hours for the orders to accumulate, be purchased, smuggled, and delivered, the customers are still happy.

Too bad they’re not pickier, though. These folks are eating KFC like it’s something special; wait ‘til they get a taste of Popeye’s!

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