So... Is Vine Dead?
July 1, 2013

So… Is Vine Dead?

Say it ain’t so. The micro video sharing app known as Vine was just catching wind when the unthinkable happened!

The ball was just starting to get rolling with the app and it seemed as though they had found a new niche market that all the other social networks have seemed to overlook. Micro video sharing; yes, a nifty new idea that lets users shoot a video and then edit it all the way down to 15 tiny seconds to let followers know what is going on in the life of their idols or grandparents (just kidding, you know they don’t know how to use the internet yet).

With the app on iOS devices and expanding to Android, all things seemed like Vine was going to break away from the pack and carve out its own lane on the freeway to the big bank. But that was all until Instagram threw a huge boulder in the way.

Instagram, the app best known for sharing photos with followers across the net decided that they too want to jump in on the micro video sharing lane and block any one else who wants in. Sure, it may seem like this is the spirit of competition and most wouldn’t view this as a fatal blow to Vine. But, look at it this way; Instagram’s fanbase is huge (not to mention being under the protective wing of Facebook), while Vine’s following is still growing (and I doubt anyone is going to choose an app they’ve haven’t even used for a month over one that they know and love).

So, if no one has to convert and just stick around with an already popular app, then Instagram might have just nudged Vine out of the game. It’s the exact same service with the exact same features. I love good competition between two creative digital parties, but does Vine really stand a chance to clash with the titan this time around?

I mean, if they want to stay in bounds here, then there are definitely some changes that can be made, like new features to the app that makes a noise that rivals that of the Instagram video announcement. But the question is, what can be the feature?

I guess that is a question that the team over at Vine are trying figure out, but they need to do something fast. Maybe being able to cut and edit video from the future so users could be the first on popular social issues before the news rehashes it into a shit storm of nonsense.

Well hey, there’s always hope and it can always be worse. They could’ve been Friendster (does anyone still even remember that?)

But with their collective backs against the wall, can Vine come roaring back to the game or could something as simple as an update put the nail in the coffin for them? Or maybe Vine can come swinging back to the competition and reign as supreme as they were such a short time ago?

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