Some Email Says iOS 7 Will Be Available On September 10
August 29, 2013

Some Email Says iOS 7 Will Be Available On September 10

An email from Nuance, the same company that powers the voice-recognition of Siri, claims Apple will release iOS 7 on September 10, the same day they’re widely expected to announce the next iPhone, or iPhones. The email was sent to developers who use Nuance APIs asking them to make sure they test their apps with the latest Apple mobile OS. As often happens in life, there’s a bit of confusion regarding acronyms, so it’s not entirely clear if this email is rooted in speculation or fact.

Here’s what the letter says:

“Dear NDEV Developer, As you are probably aware, iOS 7 GA will be released on September 10.” It goes on to mention something about SpeechKit and other developery nonsense.

It’s that “GA” that has people guessing. As it stands, iOS 7 is in beta. When an Apple OS nears its launch date, Apple will ship out the GM, or Golden Master, to developers. This is almost always the same software that is available to the public on launch. GA, on the other hand, stands for General Availability and according to AppleInsider, it’s often confused with GM.

There is a difference, of course.

Developers still have one last chance to report bugs during the GM phase of software development. Though they’re often pretty close to one another, the GM and GA versions are different and released at separate times.

In the past, Apple has released the GM version of the new iOS to developers on the same day they announce a new iPhone. It’s usually available for the public consumption (or GA) the following week.

Did Nuance simply confuse the GM and GA in their email and mean to say iOS 7 GM will ship on September 10?

Or, perhaps, do they have inside knowledge on the new OS and have had it leaked to the rest of the world?

The beta process for iOS 7 has been a hurried one, to be sure. According to some reports, what we saw in June was an operating system that had been gutted and completely overhauled in November. In other words, Apple released a beta that had only been in the works for about seven months. They’ve made great strides since then, (that confusing slide to unlock/Control Center fiasco has finally been taken care of) and if they managed to complete the thing, say, a week early, then good on them.

Doesn’t seem likely though, does it? And does Apple have a reason to push out the new OS (presumably) a week early?

Let’s also keep in mind that Apple has yet to officially announce an event on September 10. Oh sure, we’ll act surprised when journos start receiving press invites to the event, but until that happens no one knows for sure. It’s looking entirely possible, however, that your iPhone 4S or 5 will soon act like a completely brand new phone in nearly two weeks. That’s what’s important here.

Apple is also expected, don’t forget, to release a cheap plastic iPhone and an iPhone in gold so, you know, keep your eyes peeled for those.

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