Sonic Lost World Preview
July 17, 2013

Sonic Lost World Preview

It seems finally that Sonic Team is truly shaping up with Sonic Lost World. I’ll be highlighting some of the new features and gameplay that I’ve seen so far.

The first gameplay level that has been released as a demo of the game is of “Windy Hill.” It looks like a direct reinterpretation of Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog. The level is very colorful with all kinds of greens and blues, and the enemies pop out in contrast with reds and yellows. The enemies look very simplistic and almost toy-like, which I’m not sure if it I like or not. As a matter of fact, it seems that the whole series has been trying to adopt a more cartoony feel to it ever since Sonic Colors, and that every game since then has gotten more and more childish in art direction.

The odd thing about the level is that the whole thing is one big cylinder that Sonic is running along. Sonic can run all around the cylinder, giving the stage many more pathways and much more possibility of exploration and depth to the level design.  It’s very much like Super Mario Galaxy. But hey, who ever said that was a bad thing?

As Sonic runs along, he seems to keep a consistent speed. It’s explained that this is because the player controls Sonic’s speed in this game. Normally, by just tilting the stick Sonic will take a semi-fast jog. By pressing down one of the Wii U Pad’s triggers, Sonic speeds up into his classic “Super peel-out” animation and runs much faster. When holding a trigger and pressing down a certain button, Sonic will charge up a Spindash, which is even faster than the peel-out. This essentially gives Sonic three basic speeds at which the player can dash through a level, allowing for someone to try and go for the best time, or try to find all the collectibles and items. In other news, there’s a new double jump which I guess is for those times when the regular jump takes you right to the top of a ledge and the double jump will give you that push you need to make it over.

Sonic also has a new form of attack. A heavy kicking move provides an alternative for run-of-the-mill homing attack. It isn’t revealed yet what the difference between the attacks will be as far as advantages and disadvantages, but I think it’s just refreshing that I won’t be hearing the same “whoosh-boom” noise of the homing attack over and over again.

Also Sonic’s new “parkour system” seems to be a pretty popular concept among the fans, albeit some of the more hardcore Sonic fans find it a little silly that they’re making such a big deal out of being able to climb steps. But, there’s really no point in including that system because there’s no momentum to lose when you hit a wall because you just speed up instantly anyway. Basically, what this system does is allow Sonic to keep moving in some direction even when you collide with a wall. Many maneuvers have been shown such as climbing a wall, vaulting over it, or running along the side of the wall. But, if you can just click a button and he’ll speed up again, then what’s the point? Eh, can’t be bothered. I guess we’ll have to wait until the game comes out.

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Image Credit: Sega

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