Sony Teaming With Panasonic For Blu-ray 2
September 1, 2013

Sony Teaming With Panasonic For Blu-ray 2

In the gaming world, Blu-ray discs are about to be a commodity mostly afforded by any and every console gamer looking to purchase either an Xbox One or PS4, but Sony isn’t quite satisfied with the technology just yet. Why should they be? These guys were smart enough to implement the Blu-ray technology in the Playstation 3 to compete with the Xbox 360’s regular DVD optical drive. Being that it’s been seven years since a new Blu-ray drive was brought onto the market, it might also be a little late for Microsoft to introduce the Blu-ray to Xbox gamers.

This shouldn’t mean that Microsoft’s hardware plans are lackluster compared to their rival company, but it also shouldn’t mean that Sony doesn’t have some form of control over the discs that these consoles deliver. To compete with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will need to pull out the big guns.

Blu-ray discs allow for a much larger amount of information of data to be stored on them (especially double layered Blu-ray discs, which store 50Gb), which means that they could out-do virtually any competitor depending on what market that you dropped it into. Fortunately for Sony, that market just so happened to be tied directly to the dawn of HD gaming, which would mean that developers need a lot of space on discs to put the absolute most detail into each game.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, this technology was introduced a year after the Xbox 360’s initial release, a move that allowed Sony to strike swiftly with a superior disc drive, and hence, higher detailed games. But the drawback to that idea was that the PS3’s architecture prevented it from achieving the full capability of what the console actually had. One could say that the PS3 was far superior in capability to the Xbox 360, but that didn’t mean that the games could be better. In fact, most multiplatform games saw both console releases otherwise identical to each other.

With Sony approaching a new console generation this year, a new disc drive technology could put them back on top of a sure fire way to rein superior over Microsoft. How would larger discs assist with the superiority of a console?

For starters, more space means more detail. History with past consoles would tell you that the hardware wasn’t strong enough to implement a full HD experience with over 200 hours naturally; most games could only last about ten to twenty to really keep up with the amount of textures and content on the disc. Disney demonstrated this immensely with their Kingdom Hearts series.

In Kingdom Hearts, the game’s main protagonist must traverse through multiple Disney recreated worlds and meet numerous iconic figures such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. The games amount of content (which is inspired by the number of Disney films that there were prior to Disney’s trashing of their 2D animation department) carries players for hundreds of unaccounted hours because of the capabilities that DVD drives can offer to standard definition textures.

With HD however, much larger discs are needed to maintain a proportional amount of visual detail and campaign length as, say, Kingdom Hearts. Does that make sense? Let me know in the comments section below!!!

Image Credit: Creations / Shutterstock

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