January 8, 2013

Sony: The Cable Killers

Intel, I’m happy for you. Imma let you finish, but it looks like Sony is trying to create one of the best video streaming services of all time!

One of the best video streaming services of all time!

Here’s the time to insert the Kanye shrug.

So Intel is apparently not the only company hopping on the cable killing service bandwagon. The information summarized on the web after a leak from the Sony offices (and we all know Sony has the worst luck keeping secrets) points to the eastern company creating their own multi-channel streaming service.

The service seems ironically similar to that of the Intel project, doing the shuffle with broadcasting networks and all. But let’s be honest, didn’t we all see this coming? With the advent of services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant video, this epidemic has convinced the mass public to burn all of their cable boxes and form some cult (ok, maybe not a cult) to search for a better alternative than being bundled. Also, with the success of these services, it’s a no brainer to see the major players finally jump into the ring with name brands that consumers know and love.

If you are a frequent reader of my articles, then you already know what it’s time for: the breakdown.

How will this thing work? No one knows yet. Do I pay for a package of channels or will I be able to pay as I go? Um…maybe the walls in your house have an answer.  Considering this is Sony and they do make motion pictures, will they provide new releases in this service or better yet, a cheaper price since we’re staying with the home team? Hmmmm… sounds very possible but we don’t know. Well fine, what will Sony do to stand out and differentiate them from the competition?

Sony has been mum on the situation and even acting like the leak never even happened, which may be a good business move on their part, but l see these kinds of leaks from Sony every year, especially the PlayStation brand in particular. Games and info always seems to be spilled just right before an important media event like E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) where the games and consoles end up being known by the media before Sony has the time to announce them. This is eerily similar in pattern since CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is this week.

I wish that with this leak about the new service they had just faced the music. Maybe they could take a step in a new direction and be bold about their own product with a speech like “Yeah, we have a new service and it is going to kick the panties off of any other service you customers have ever experienced. Now you know so don’t act surprised.”

Maybe Sony could really turn heads with this approach and make a big splash of interest when this thing finally drops instead of just following the line and joining the flock of sheep that is becoming these cable alternative services.

They need a game changer, a new attitude that could make others take notice because I’m positive tomorrow there’s going to be another big name company pulling out their service and the next day another will do the same.

Well, Sony does already have an install base of both movies and television programs in their roster; maybe they already have the head start. Either way it goes, CES is here and everyone is looking at you, Sony.

Show em’ what you’ve got.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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