Sony’s PS4 to stick to Blu-ray Drives
February 27, 2013

Sony’s PS4 To Stick To Blu-ray Drives

Amid rumors and speculation about how the PS4 will handle its games, Sony’s Jim Ryan has informed us all that the PlayStation 4 will still use Blue-ray drives as the dominant source of media. This comes as no surprise in light of the PS3’S past seven years of Blu-ray drive optimization.

Sony recently announced the networking and video game plan for their new PS4 that is to hit stores this holiday season. It highlighted (in vague terms, no less) that the hardware specs will be closer to that of a medium settings, last generation gaming rig. In comparison, the PS4 might have opted to try going for a digital distribution strategy that would give the PS4 a chance to showcase all games solely from a hard drive. The problem with this is that PlayStations games are primarily on Blu-ray disk, which uses a lot more memory than the comparable DVD drive that Microsoft’s Xbox chooses to stick with.

Sony’s conference seemed to point to the PS4 as a viable candidate in competition with the modern PC. This move might seem naïve and futile in the eyes of PC enthusiasts, but is more than likely favorable to PlayStation fans. The console war between Xbox 360 and PS3 has raged in a comparison between graphics of multiplatform games. While this battle continues even today, the PC always manages to top them both with considerably better visuals, as well as more physical A.I. and objects on screen. Needless to say, the result is an entire “master race” of PC elitists that just make gaming not very fun.

Other than post fan boy elitism, digital distribution would be just another feature of the PS4 that would drive the price point to levels that gamers do not want to spend. A Blu-ray drive for the PS4 has already been quoted as “the primary delivery mechanism for the big games on the PS4 platform (and) will continue to be Blu-ray discs, for the foreseeable future.”

The foreseeable future is a rather vague term to describe an aspect of the console so important, but then again, how vague can the company really be when they didn’t bother revealing the physical rendition of their console at a press conference that they hyped for an entire month?

Most PC gamers have anywhere between 500 gigabytes and one terabyte of HDD storage. You could easily scratch off two hundred gigabytes worth of space on a traditional hard drive specifically for gaming purposes. Spread that across a few years and those two hundred gigabytes may not bode well for the massive game and operating system updates. What I’m saying here is that, in essence, digital distribution is not an aspect of gaming that next generation consoles aren’t ready for.

Of course neither power nor optimization are in question here. Our observations should be more directed towards the consumer and how much we’re actually going to pay for a gaming system.

Is this move from Sony more beneficial for the consumer? Or is it just another move to save money costs for a less than applicable game production? I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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